“You own the power to change the lens you see yourself through by choosing to fill up with feel-good potential, not by balancing your feel-good potential on images or numbers.” – Natalie Marie Shapiro, Strategic Coach and Healer

This is pretty awesome…

Hey Sacred Bombshell,

I love this conversation.

Our Sacred Bombshell tribe sister Natalie Marie Shapiro interviewed me for her podcast, The Empowered Series. It was such a positive and inspiring conversation that we’ll be continuing it soon on Spiritpreneur School.

Here are the first 7 minutes, a blast of beauty-us energy. To hear the whole conversation, please login here and join Natalie’s mailing list…

Listen to The Empowered Series with Natalie and Abiola (me!)

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Own the Power to Choose Your Own Lens by Natalie Marie Shapiro 

(From her exclusive insider newsletter)

When you constantly seek something outside of yourself right now, all of the little receptors in your brain are being told that you aren’t good enough unless… Those receptors reach you, on a cellular level, making it close to impossible to feel good and be happy with yourself.

But what happens if you flip the switch?


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