EFT Tapping session for confidence in your big goals with Goddess Alisia… EFT is emotional freedom technique.

To support my Spiritpreneur Goddess community during the pandemic, I offered 13 free 1-on-1 sessions. I offered Spiritpreneur lightworker business coaching sessions  and belief clearing sessions. These sessions are to focus on whatever the goddesses want to. The only caveat is that they would have to be open to having the sessions recorded to share with the community so everyone could benefit. 

The response was so blessedly overwhelming, that I opened it up to 18 free sessions. It will end up being quite a bit more free sessions as I will be also offering free booster sessions to my clients currently in my Spiritpreneur Visibility Book Lab. We are all in this together…




EFT Tapping for Confidence with Goddess Alisia

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About Goddess Alisia’s Session

What outcome are you seeking with this conversation?
Resume direction on book
Big Wins: What are you celebrating?
Riding the waves of job uncertainty
Challenges: Where is there room for growth?
Committing to my goals amongst emotional ups and downs


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Tapping for Confidence with Goddess Alisia


Reprogram Your Mind for Confidence