Do your friends support your business goals, dreams and plans? Does your family have your back with the things you want to accomplish?

when friends don't support your business

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They Don’t Have Your Back or Support You?

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I just had a chat with an amazing woman who just signed up for my Spiritpreneur Guru Academy — & was in TEARS because her “BEST FRIENDS” are un-supportive of her goals & dreams.

She said that as she has been talking about her incredible coaching and product biz she wants to build, they say versions of: “people like us” don’t build businesses.

They say she’s not educated enough, too broke and too old.

They didn’t support her vision.

This woman — who has a record of life success, hustle & making stuff happen — was seeing herself as LESS THAN because of her family & “friends” lack of support.

And I know she’s not alone.

Listen, you do NOT need to share all of your dreams with EVERYBODY.

I was reminded of this recently as well.



Different relationships serve different purposes.

If your Friday night drink buddies aren’t down to sit and do a quarterly goals review with you, then realize their position in your life or move on.

They want to keep you small because they want to keep you safe— but more importantly, they want to keep themselves safe.

They don’t want you upsetting the balance of the Universe as THEY see it.

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So what do you do?

You can OPT THE EFF OUT of relationships where you can’t bring your whole self to the party.

Sometimes it may be a LESS HARSH situation.

When something hasn’t come into being YET, we DEAL with our OWN FEARS, BAGGAGE & ISSUES. So we may not be strong enough for someone’s well-meaning questions or doubtful energy.

Their ‘NO’ ENERGY or QUESTIONING ENERGY for your dreams may be more powerful than your ‘YES’ ENERGY.

YOU need all of your heart strength to give birth to your business, your goals, your dream— not to CONVINCE people who don’t even BELIEVE in THEMSELVES to believe in YOU.

This is what praying in the closet means.

Nurture your dreams like a Mama Bird nurtures her eggs. She doesn’t get up to give everyone a peek & ask what they think. She is sure of the outcome, so she sits, focuses, creates, takes inspired action & manifests.

Don’t spread your dreams under everyone’s feet. Some are dream tramplers.

Your BELIEF is POWERFUL magic.

It DISSIPATES when you open it to the BLIND.




Make it happen for YOU.

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When They Don't Support Your Goals and Dreams