Do you have an action plan? You know what they say. A goal without a plan is just a wish! So let’s make this happen. It is your time.

Watch! It is Action Plan Time

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Creating a Workable Plan

 “Either you run your day, or your day runs you.” ~ Jim Rohn

Being strong for others in most cases seems to be a lot easier and less daunting than being your own hero. While dealing with others, putting up a front is normal but with yourself, you know every excuse and procrastination theme that would work, you after all live with your worst fears. You tell yourself ‘maybe tomorrow’, so much so that more often than not, ‘maybe tomorrow’ turns to maybe never. Growth sometimes comes a lot slower when you’re your only coach. Not only do pitfalls appear larger, staying down is sometimes a lot tempting and seemingly easier than rising.

Where you are meant to be, who you are meant to be is constantly calling out to you. Sometimes in low tunes, other times like wayward cymbals in a cute toddler’s hands. Hearing them clearly could be a problem, but  the struggle lies in letting go of your doubts, your fears and following that which your heart finds peace in.

Goddesses don’t let mortal fears clip their wings, not even their own mortal fears. You get what you want because you deserve it and you are nothing short of a goddess. You have light, love and fear and should use all of that to the fullest. Hope guides your steps and faith lifts your wings.

Lay down the action plan for that spiritual business today, set up the meeting you’ve been postponing, learn that craft you’ve always envied, write a rough draft for that book, become a spiritual business entrepreneur if you believe enough to help. Don’t hide the light within you any longer than it has hidden. Build your life to its peak, then help others through the process.

Change after all, is scary for a lot of people, yet whether or not action is taken, change occurs either for the better or worse. This is where choice plays its very vital role. Will you have avid awed listeners being plied with your success stories years, even months from now, or would you rather an alternative your present self can’t bear to think of?

At Womanifesting, we hold space for you to be more than you dare believe in, we reintroduce you to yourself. We push you to be true to yourself, to answer your greater calling, to manifest. We hold space for women entrepreneurs, then  we encourage you to push others. Our core need is to see women become who you were born to be as we believe the future to be female.

Every woman is reminded that she is inherently a goddess and should remember to treat herself accordingly.

Dreams are sometimes well… the stuff that dreams are made on, and sometimes it seems a lot other people know how to run your life a lot better than you. Discouragements will always surface, just so long as you remember to keep your worst enemy (doubt) from making a home inside of you, everything will always work out for good. In most cases, better.