The zen of shaving? Coye LeRocke gets into Spring Cleaning… Oh, and that’s a dapper young James Earl Jones in our featured photo!

The entertaining people at Dollar Shave Club (a subscription-based co that sends shavers and other grooming products to their clientele) asked what is the ONE thing under no circumstance I could throw away despite it may or may not be past its proper disposal date.

Then I got to thinking.

As the season comes close to an end, there’s one item left on my to do list before we’re hit with those beaming sun-rays of summer: my spring cleaning. Before you say it, yes, I know it’s meant to be done at the end of winter, no later than the first week of spring.

But, let’s be honest. Most of us haven’t enjoyed the traditional weather of the season. Instead of May showers to compliment the April flowers, we’ve been bombarded with scorching hot temperatures and horrific tornadoes. So, as one who continues to embody her Girl Scout motto on always being prepared, spring cleaning had been put on hiatus.

Until now.

By definition, I’m not a hoarder.

I don’t have piles of clothes nestled on the floor that could double as seating arrangements. No maniac obsession with ceramic unicorn trinkets or stacks of 50 cents off coupons for cartons of orange juice and cake mix.

It happens but not in my household. My residence is still very much livable and while it’s occasionally a little less than tidy, my home is not cringe-worthy or is it a suitable candidate for the cable reality show.

Spring cleaning involves encapsulating all winter garments and pushing them in the back of my closet while simultaneously gripping the worn box of lighter garments. My bedroom is almost spotless for the simple fact I can’t sleep around clutter. No slumber if there is just a slight smudge on my vanity mirror. It’s not happening.


Moving on to my home office and it’s gutted of anything from the past year and neatly stacked and then shoved into Sharpie-dated folders.

The kitchen is a whole other ballgame. More like a food war actually.

What’s still good?

What can be disposed of?

What was this?

Out you go, you disgusting green mutated version of whatever you once were.

Finally, I hit my bathroom.

Aside from hair care products, cosmetic brushes and half-full tubes of lipgloss crowding the sink, my salle de bain is rather clean. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not much of a hoarder but regardless of whether it’s sunny or there’s golf ball size hail falling to the ground, there is one item that won’t ever be greeted with the inside of my ocean blue trash bin.

In the back of my medicine cabinet, inside of a plastic Ziplock bag, there’s a small bottle with a small crack along the side.

To the unbeknownst eye, it’s a bottle of lotion. To me, it’s all I have left of my favorite scent of all-time.

Yes, that sounds like I’m over-exaggerating and maybe I am, but if you took a whiff, you would understand. It’s an aromatic and decadent blend of strawberries and vanilla, topped with a hint of confectionery goodness. It had this certain freshness I adored without it being overpowering.

I wish there was some sentimental and heartfelt story to accompany why I continue to hold onto this small container but there isn’t one. Just my idiotic move to wait until the last minute to pack for a trip and accidentally grabbed the original bottle of lotion instead of the airline-approved container. My then new favorite lotion was confiscated and tossed aside like day old bagels.

Heartbroken yet determined, I returned to the store with my fingers crossed they would have the creamy moisturizer available. Instead of being met with its twin replacement, unfortunately, I came face to face with disappointment since the scent I craved was in the clearance section and was discontinued.

I’ve moved on to other body lotions (an entire shelf dedicated to them) but to this day, I use my favorite one sparingly, mainly on special occasions. At least what I have been able to salvage since dropping the beauty vessel and it occasionally leaking out, hence its plastic bag home. Its exposure to open air has changed the scent slightly but it won’t become a victim to spring cleaning or any other until the last drop is gone.

But thank you Dollar Shave Club for reminding me to buy a new bottle to hold it in.