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Ananda Leeke, Spiritpreneur

Hey Sacred Bombshell,

How can YOU awaken YOUR creative spark today?  One of my pet peeves is when I hear people dismiss themselves as being “just not creative.” NOT TRUE! We ALL have the power to tap into and awaken our creativity. That’s why I LOVE today’s Spiritpreneur School podcast guest, Ananda Leeke.

Even as an attorney educated at Howard and Georgetown, Ananda aka @digitalsisterhood is a yogini and creativity catalyst who helps others to awaken their own creative powers.


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xoxo, Abiola

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Spiritpreneur School Podcast

Ananda’s Library 

Digital Sisterhood by Ananda Leeke

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Love's Troubadors[Love’s Troubadors Link]


More from Ananda of Digital Sisterhood

Ananda LeekeMy mantra is “Inspiring Creative Expression & Healthy Living.” It is rooted in the lessons my mother taught me about using imagination, eating and growing fruits and vegetables, playing in nature, and appreciating world art, culture, and travel. Today, they support me as I live as a Fierce Living Fifty-Something who practices self-care with healing arts tools. You can learn more about me by reading my books: Love’s Troubadours (yoga-inspired novel), That Which Awakens Me (creativity memoir), and Digital Sisterhood (technology memoir).

Here is a link to a video about my artist studio. People can see what part of my home looks like with the different colors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTSIIohRzpU.
The book I mentioned during the podcast is The Way of the Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover.

The Way of the Happy Woman

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Spiritpreneur School Podcast

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