Remembering Dick Gregory on Goddess Temple Sundays… As he joins the ancestors, he will be missed on this earth plane. Love and condolences to his grieving family. 

Hey Goddess,

Dick Gregory, 84, was simply an amazing human being. He was positive, kind, supportive and super encouraging.

And he told me to “make it happen.”

I will, Sir. I promise.

This civil rights activist, healthy living and mindset revolutionary and comedian, was so INCREDIBLY GENEROUS that when we met and I shared about my work, HE SUGGESTED that HE TAKE A PHOTO WITH MY BOOK.

Amazing. Beyond generosity…

As he joins the ancestors, he will be missed on this earth plane, his message to me is the same as my message to you.

Make it happen. Where does that begin? It begins with our enoughness. Your knowing that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

YOU ARE ENOUGH. ​​​​Right now. Our focus? Enoughness.

You are enough. This is an important reminder on this energetically powerful day.


See, Mr. Gregory? We are making it happen! Let’s make it HAPPEN because we are ENOUGH!!

Watch! Dick Gregory and I Am Enough

[YouTube Video Link]

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