You matter. You are enough.

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You matter - you are enough

Watch! You Matter

You matter and you are enough. Those are the words we all crave to hear from our loved ones. Yet, how often do we speak them to ourselves? Or say opposite?

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You Matter. You Are Enough. You hear people say that but what does it actually mean? It’s easy with everything going on in the world to receive a message that somehow our voices don’t count, or that we are inadequate, or that in the grand scheme of things it’s useless or selfish to have desires. However, none of this is true. Your self-esteem cannot be dependent on external factors. No matter what is happening on the news, no matter what your family thinks of your dreams, no matter how afraid you are, fear must not win. Do not give in to the fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway. You matter — and yes, you are enough. You are smart, capable and loveable. And the world needs your spark. We need your magic.

You matter. You are enough.The “You Matter. You Are Enough.” video above was made in the Bronx art installation by artist Ti Jay.

Read about the artist Ti Jay from Ghana on his site, here [link].

Here’s Ti Jay’s artist statement about this work:

In my multimedia site-specific installations, I assemble day-to-day objects into symbolic engaging discoveries as group portraits. I communicate the hopefulness in discarded remains (fabric scraps, Metrocards etc.) of our lives that are often overlooked, forgotten or no longer valuable but they recall the history of their previous breaths and proprietors.

This process is inspired by “Sankofa” a symbol which means learning from the past for a prosperous future” I hope that I insinuate greater relationship to our diaries, aspirations, and letdowns in addressing issues of migration, historical, and gender equality.

Intimate and pronounced affairs, and history and new meanings lead the discourse between my art and the audience.

-Ti Jay

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