Special pre-Black Friday sale deal PLUS FREE lesson below on how to prepare your business for the Holidays — limited availability…

High Vibe Pre-Black Friday Holiday Sale on 1:1 Coaching — YES!

YESTERDAY kicked off 40 days to 2020!

Whoo hoo —To celebrate, I have an early PRE Black Friday High VIBE sale offer that I have never made before!
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Want to work with me one-on-one but finding the 5-figure tuition a barrier to entry?
Well, I would LOVE to work with YOU, too!!

This is so exciting!!

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SOOOO, here is the surprise offer:
I am offering a 4-SESSION HIGH VIBE COACHING Special Offer Bundle for only $997 —
yes — only $997 — and the FUN thing is that EVERY SINGLE DAY, one of the HUGE and EXCITING pre-Black Friday bonuses in the bundle will VANISH.
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WATCH the Special Sale Offer VIDEO
High Vibe Early PRE – Black Friday Special

Let’s get unstuck!

::::Registration Link for this Offer: ManifestYourPower.com

The $997 TOTAL Special Black Friday Offer Bundle includes–

  • *4 One-On-One Coaching Sessions for $997
  • *PLUS as a BONUS: The Spiritpreneur Visibility Lab Mastermind Program for Coaches, Healers and Creative Consultants (usually $2,000)

*PLUS the DAILY VANISHING BONUSES I break down in the short video– I delete one tonight — include:

    • *Spiritpreneur Guru Academy (usually $3,000)
    • *Womanifesting Manifestation Power Program (usually $444)
    • *Coaching Business in a Box Kit (usually $297)
    • *Money Mindset Reset (usually $2,000)
    • *List Building Challenge (usually $97)
    • *Speaking for Spiritpreneurs (usually $97)
    • *Hear Me Roar Mindset Reset (usually $297)
    • *Podcasting in a Box Kit (usually $111)

All of that TODAY as bonuses for working with me one-on-one starting at $94 payment plan today!!


::::Registration Link for this Offer: ManifestYourPower.com


Special Note —

Disregard the bonuses listed on ManifestYourPower.com — you get SO MUCH more — as explained in the video above.

Reminder — one bonus disappears each day…


If you have questions, please get in touch: business@abiolaabrams.com and you can hop on the phone with me or a team member. 

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The Special High Vibe Early Black Friday Offer is basically —
FOUR — yes, four 🙂 AMAZING 1:1 sessions for $997 PLUS as a BONUS the Visibility Lab Program here.

PLUS — all of the vanishing bonuses mentioned above.

>>>If you’re READY AND IN, you can just click the checkout links on the bottom of: ManifestYourPower.com to get INSTANT ACCESS.

-Then you will get a calendar link to set up our one-on-one sessions, and get an in depth questionnaire so I can get to know more about you and your mission.

-PLUS you get to join the VIP Private Spiritpreneur FB Support Group.

– PLUS — all of the vanishing bonuses mentioned in the video.

Ignore the bonuses on ManifestYourPower.com — you will get MORE — ALL of the special Black Friday bonuses I mention in the video —

AND – -I will DELETE / cross off one bonus each day.



Get in touch at business@abiolaabrams.com — my assistants Jessica and Michaela is working today and can even hop on the phone with you.

So let us know if you have questions.

Recovering from the Baby shark party  – – see ya later!!



Want a sneak peek inside of the Visibility Lab?

We are not sure how long we will leave this open — no optin required. 

So check it out now!

a) Watch a lesson on how to prep your Spiritpreneur biz for Black Friday and the Holidays: u.womanifesting.com/courses/655759/lectures/12783779

b) Free eBook: u.womanifesting.com/courses/655759/lectures/12785048

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