Is your spiritual business ready for the holidays and Black Friday? Let’s talk about how to make holiday sales for coaches, healers and creative consultants.

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Spiritpreneur Holiday Sales

How to Plan Your Holiday Offer

The Holidays Are Big Business

Over $45.7 billion dollars are spent in online sales during the holiday season. This means there’s plenty of profits to go around. The major holidays that can boost your sales include: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule/Winter Solstice, New Year’s Eve, and more.

Here are a few tips to help you get started with your Spiritpreneur holiday promotions…

Pledge to be VISIBLE

This is no time to shrink or hide. You are setting the tone of your business for the season and year to come. Dare to be seen, be heard and launch a movement. Your voice is needed. Your soulmate clients need you – and you have to let them know why.

Goddess Aimee was a Spiritpreneur graphic designer. She often created digital journals and planners that she sold to her community. Last year, she noticed that she had a huge influx of sales during November and December.

This year, she’s decided to be intentional with her business. Instead of just coasting along with the sales like she’s done previously, she’s going to plan and create a few special holiday offers.

While you can make extra money like Goddess Aimee did, you’ll make more sales and earn more money if you’re intentional with your promotions. That means creating a plan. Many businesses make the bulk of their income during the holiday season.

Mobilize Your Website

The bulk of online holiday sales now come from mobile users – but you want to make sure your offers are desktop-friendly too. Many of your soulmate clients will first visit your website while they’re on a mobile device like a tablet or phone. They do this so they can learn more about your products, research your prices, and seek out coupons.

They may complete their purchase right then or decide to watch your webinar when they’re ready to make the final purchase on their laptop. This means your site needs to be optimized for both laptops/desktops and mobile devices.

Zone in On Your List

The next thing you need to do is look at your mailing list of subscribers. A mailing list that’s grown cold because you haven’t messaged them in months isn’t likely to be receptive to a sudden surge of product offers.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do any holiday marketing. Instead, start by warming up your list.

If you have no list or your list is brand new, that’s okay. This is a great opportunity for them to get to know you and what you offer better.

To warm up a neglected mailing list: Send a message to let them know what you’ve been up to in your Spiritpreneur business and life. Provide a link to a free gift or valuable blog post. Do this two to three times a week and you’ll quickly find your list warm, affirmative and in alignment again.

Check Your Social Profiles

Just like your mailing list can grow cold, your followers can forget about you, your brand or messaging if you haven’t been engaging with them. So, take some time to check out your social media profiles.

Are your banners and profile pictures up to date? What about your biography and hours? If they aren’t, go ahead and update them. Feel free to holiday-ize them if you feel called to!

Then focus on your content. Have you been posting valuable and relevant ideas, useful tips, and other content that your followers will find helpful? If not, go ahead and schedule a few updates to go out in the next week. This content will get you back on track and remind your fans why they’re following or subscribed to you.

Preparing for your holiday sales is smart business. You’ll see bigger reach with your message, bigger profits and enjoy your own holiday season more when you have a holiday profits plan in place.

Journal Your Thoughts

  1. What product or service will you promote during the holidays?
  2. What type of promotion will you do (a bundle, coupon code, etc)?
  3. Are you ready for both mobile and laptop/desktop audiences?

Create Your Holiday Offer

Goddess Jenna wanted to boost her profits and end the year on a high note, so she started working with me (Abiola) as her spiritual business coach. She explained that she wanted to create a special holiday offer but she wasn’t sure where to start or what to do. I advised her to consider some of these promotional ideas…

Make a Bundle

If you already have a few products released, then you can bundle some of them together for a low price and offer it your community. Usually, you want to do a bundle around a theme.

This works for any niche, digital products, physical products, coaching and counseling services, readings, too!

One Spiritpreneur web designer did this by offering a bundle of a pre-made logo, WordPress theme, and business card design. She called it the “Quick Start” package and targeted the people in her community who were just starting their digital brands.

If you don’t have a lot of products yet, consider partnering with someone else. Think of products that would naturally complement each other. For example if you have a product about healthy eating then partner with an online yoga guru who has a “digital studio.” You can both promote the bundle then split the profits.

Special Perks

Sometimes, you don’t need to bundle a bunch of products to make holiday sales. Earning more can be as simple as adding a new perk or bonus to an existing item. For example, one vlogger added workbooks to an existing webinar series she had been selling. Not only did she sell more, she also had the satisfaction of knowing her clients were implementing her advice.

Your perk can be bonus can be digital resources like tutorials, workbooks or checklists. But they can also be group calls, workshops, or even an exclusive coaching group on Facebook. Whatever the bonus, be sure to add a dollar value to it so clients understand the value of what they’re getting for free.


A coupon code can be a good way to prompt a client take action. If someone was already considering a purchase from you, then seeing a coupon code can spur them on to complete the transaction. Other times, your coupon code might be enough to convince a new client to give your products or services a try. Be careful that you don’t cut your profits too low if you offer a huge coupon.

Create a Payment Plan

There are times when you may have a product or service that you sell for thousands of dollars. This could be a VIP day with you, a series of coaching calls from you, or even a done-for-you service.

A client may want to take action but with the holidays feel they can’t fully invest in your product quite yet. You can still make the sale by offering a payment plan.

Special note: you should charge a little extra if clients choose this option as processing fees for multiple transactions and chasing down expired credit cards can start to add up for you in financial and time costs.

Deal of the Day

You can also offer your community a “deal of the day”. I annually offer a “12 days of Blissness” theme with my holiday sales. Each day, I highlight one product and put it on sale for just 24 hours.

You can try the same thing. Email your clients or announce on social media that you have a “deal of the day”. The quick deadline can spur many of your clients to act quickly and lock in your great deals.

Goddess Jenna decided to offer a collection of her previous products. We quickly put together her bundle with just a few hours of work and enjoyed watching as her holiday profits came in.

Journal Your Thoughts

  1. How could you make creating a holiday offer fun and easy?
  2. Will you offer a payment plan on a pricey service or product?
  3. Have you considered offering a “deal of the day” promotion?


Optimize Your Spiritpreneur Holiday Sales Pages

Once you know what your holiday offer will be, you need to put together your sales page. It’s important that you take your time with this step and don’t rush it. A good sales page can make the difference between lackluster earnings and a healthy dose of holiday profits.

Here are a few tips for optimizing your sales page…

Choose Your Sales Page and Payment Software

Creating a landing page doesn’t have to be hard or require hours of technical set up. Using Landing Page like Leadpages is easiest, but also be aware of the options of payment gateways from Stripe to Square to PayPal.

If you’d rather host your landing pages yourself, you can do that with a WordPress theme that has a “landing page template”. The Genesis Framework already has this feature with many of their child themes. There are also free plugins like WordPress Landing Pages that you can use to design sales pages quickly and easily.

Add Video, Gorgeous!

You are in the Spiritpreneur Visibility Lab because you want to be seen, be heard and launch a movement!

Videos are a great way to convert visitors into clients. When it comes to text on a page, users quickly start skimming and that could cause them to miss out on the important features of your product or the amazing benefits of using it.

But videos are different. Videos capture attention differently than text. In between reading paragraphs, your visitor might also be on Twitter, playing music, and downloading a crossword puzzle app. With video, your visitor is more likely to pay attention which boosts conversion rates.

A short video in a casual setting can be enough to convince your soulmate clients to invest in themselves through you.

Include a Call-to-Action

At the bottom of your sales page, you should include a call-to-action. If you’re not familiar with the term, a call-to-action is when you instruct your visitors on the next thing they should do. So at the end of your sales page, you want a button that says something like: Add to Cart, Buy Now, or Download Instantly.

You can also experiment with adding a call-to-action to your sales video and the middle of your sales page. Some marketers even add a CTA button to the top of their sales page because they have clients who auto-buy everything they release.

Include a Countdown Timer

If you’re running a special holiday promotion, it can be helpful to add a countdown timer to your sales page. This countdown timer can be effective for an offer that expires like a flash sale that ends after 48 hours or an introductory price that ends after a few days.

The reason that a timer is helpful is because it adds urgency to the sale. When a client is browsing, they might be tempted to make a purchase but then they stop and decide to do it later. Of course, many of these clients never make it back to their shopping cart. When you create a sense of urgency, you force your clients to make a decision right away, instead of putting it off.

Keep in mind that you can continue to tweak and improve your holiday sales page once it’s live. Use a metrics program like Google Analytics to look for ways that you can improve your conversion rate this holiday season.

Journal Your Thoughts

  1. Which tool will you use to create your sales page (Leadpages, a plugin, etc)?
  2. Will you include video on your sales page? What will you cover in it?
  3. Do you have more than one CTA button on your sales page?


Sharing Your Holiday Offer with Your Mailing List

Goddess Dana put together a holiday offer that she was excited about. But she didn’t know how to get the word out about her offer. So she popped into our Facebook group and asked for advice.

“Do you have a mailing list?” I asked. “Because that’s where you want to start. Even if your list is small, they’re usually the clients that are most interested in your brand and your products.”

Several other coaches and healers owners shared their tips, too.

Send Content that Leads to the Sale

Goddess Paula has a website for beginning bloggers and she launched a new line of WordPress themes. Since many of her subscribers were newbies, she decided to take the time to educate her community before she sold them her themes.

So, she put together a blog post comparing different themes then she created a free downloadable checklist of everything new bloggers should consider before making the purchase.

Her subscribers loved her checklist and many of them went on to buy her themes. The whole process felt easy and fun to Paula because she was serving and selling to her community at the same time.

Encourage Subscribers to Share

Adds social media buttons to the end of each email you send. Then encourages subscribers to use the button to share her message on a social media platform of their choosing.

Subscribers are rewarded for doing this with a discount code. Subscribers love getting the savings and we all see more traffic referrals from social media.

It’s all about making it easy for your subscribers to get the word out about your offer.

Nudge Your Mailing List Again and Again

I recommend emailing your list about your offer multiple times. I used to message my subscribers once about my new product or offer. Then I’d be disappointed when I only made a few sales.

Like me, you may think you can only message your list once about an offer. But that’s not true. Consider emailing your subscribers the details of your holiday offer three to five times. Each email should contain a link to your product and highlight a different feature or reason that your offer is worth looking at.

Follow Up with Subscribers

Sometimes, a subscriber will put your product or offer in their cart then leave your website. This is called “cart abandonment”. Subscribers can do this for a variety of reasons–maybe they need to discuss the transaction with a spouse first or they have a technical problem preventing them from completing the purchase.

Always follow up with subscribers.

You can turn on a feature in your shopping cart software that automatically reminds subscribers about their item. Also include information in the reminder so potential clients that encountered a technical problem can reach out.

When you have a new holiday offer, the first place you should share it is in your messages to your subscribers. Remember, your subscribers are usually your biggest fans and they’re eager to hear from you!

Journal Your Thoughts

  1. How often do you email your list? Will you need to warm your subscribers back up?
  2. Have you shared your offer with your mailing list? If not, why not?
  3. Is there a special subscribers-only perk you’d like to offer your list?


Promoting Your Holiday Offer on Social Media

Create several holiday promotions to share with your community.

When it comes the holidays, your fans and followers will have their newsfeeds crowded with advertisements and promotions. That means, you’ll want to stand out.

Here are a few tips to help you do that…

Use Holiday & Winter Hashtags

On many networks like Twitter and Instagram, hashtags are how people find content. That means if you want to increase your visibility, you should consider using holiday and winter-themed hashtags.

Some of the best hashtags for this time of year include: #Kwanzaa, #Yule, #Christmas, #WinterSolstice, #HolidaySpirit, #Snow, #NewYearNewMe, #Holidays, #Grinchmas, #Frost, #December, #HolidaySavings, #Chilly, #JollyHoliday, #NewYear, #StockingStuffers, #Hanukkah, #CyberMonday, #Winter, #UglyChristmasSweater, and #AwkwardHolidayPhoto.

Create Social Coupon Codes

If you plan on offering coupon codes, create ones that are specific to the platform you’re using. For example, you could share a coupon code with your Facebook group, that’s FBMAS. Not only is this code easy to remember, it gives your community another reason to follow you on social media.

There’s also a hidden advantage to using special coupon codes on social media—you can tell which sites are sending you the most traffic. Spend a couple of weeks experimenting and you might find that you get the most traction from discount codes on Twitter. But you sell the most bundles from a coupon that you pinned in your Pinterest account.

Update Your Social Media

A simple way to celebrate the holidays on your social media platforms is to update your profile picture and header. You can do this with your profile picture by adding snowflakes or a Santa hat to your photo.

For header pictures, you can broadcast your holiday offer. Some brands even add coupon codes to their headers so a visitor’s first look at their profile reveals valuable savings and makes them more likely to purchase an item.

Share Behind-the-Scenes

Another way to promote your holiday sales is to share behind-the-scenes holiday moments. For example, one beauty vlogger shared a video on Instagram showing as she put on her makeup for the event. This allowed her to share valuable information with her community while she promoted her new skincare line.

Holiday moments can also be personal in nature and you can relate them back to your business. One mom blogger shared a photo of her child jumping in the leaves and encouraged her community to start building their businesses so they could be home with their children, too. She sold many copies of her training course simply because she took the time to share a behind-the-scenes moment.

Boost Your Posts

On Facebook and Instagram, you can “boost” a post. That’s a simple term that the social media companies use for advertising. Twitter and Pinterest also allow you to share your holiday sales by setting up ads.

You don’t have to boost every post you make and you shouldn’t. However, it can be smart to strategically boost posts once or twice a week.

The best time to boost a post is when your offer first goes live and again, a day or two before it ends. The initial boost can get your fans talking about your product and the second boost can encourage them to make a purchase or risk missing out.

You should take the time to track your social media statistics. This will give you insights into which products are a good fit for your community as well as which coupon codes perform the best.

Journal Your Thoughts

  1. Which social media channels will you use to get the word out about you offer?
  2. Are your social media channels active and filled with holiday content?
  3. What tool or program are you using to track conversions?



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Holiday Sales for Coaches, Healers and Consultants

Holiday Sales for Coaches, Healers and Consultants