What is an aura? Do you have to be a lightworker to see and read auras? Powerful healing dialogue with Lightworker Doris. Lightworker Doris is a healer in residence at the Goddess of Paris Miracles and Manifesting Retreat. She will also be bringing her gifts of sound therapy healing and hypnotherapy in addition to her aura readings.

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How to See and Read Auras with Lightworker Doris

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spiritual meditation - lightworker doris on reading auras

All About Auras with Lightworker Doris Transcript

Abiola: Abiola here and I am the founder of womanifesting.com and the Goddess of Paris: Miracles and Manifesting Retreat. I am so excited to bring you this divine conversation, which is one in a series. You are going to be meeting a sister of mine that I feel like I know and I haven’t even met yet, but we will get into that later. We were going to be sharing in this conversation all about auras and or readings. This is a conversation that I get a lot, but let me not delay any further. Let’s just jump in.

I am thrilled about this conversation. For those of you who are watching Goddess Doris will be a part of the goddess of Paris Miracles and manifesting retreat 2019. And so before we jump in with goddess Doris, you were sharing with me before we started about the timing of me connecting with you and the fact that this is a manifestation retreat.

Doris: I was explaining how I was amazed on the timing and the way you contacted me and how you find me because I had been living abroad for 17 years and just returned to France and I was told through channeling, that my work was going to change, but I didn’t know how. And about a week before you contacted me, I, you know, I just thought, you know what, it would be great to organize small retreats. So I decided to do one in France for two, three days and then you contacted me and I was thinking how are the chances? And usually in my manifestations, since it’s all about manifesting a, usually people come to me, sometimes I will do things, but usually it comes and I was thinking, this is amazing.

How can someone from New York who was to do a retreat in Paris and decided to stay right where I am seeking someone who speaks English. And I was, I was amazed. I was in awe. And since then I’ve been planning also an organizing different retreats, but that’s another subject. So it was beautiful and the fact that you were going to do a manifesting retreat, which is exactly what was happening to me at that time. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for everyone who’s going to come and be part of this manifestation. It’s amazing to witness.

Abiola: Thank you so much. My beautiful sister. I got chills because you know, no matter how long you’ve been consciously practicing manifestation and being in alignment and tuning in and creating miracles, it’s still always fun and surprising and you know, wild how it all orchestrates, isn’t it?

Paris Lightworker Retreat - What Are Auras? How to See and Read Aura Energy with Lightworker Doris

Doris: Yes. Because the, even, even when I receive messages, um, it’s always a bit cryptic. You get half, but there’s always an element of surprise because you have to do the work. You have to put yourself in alignment as you said. So they’ll give you hints and glimpses. But then the timing is there elements that you have to figure out?

Abiola: And I think that, you know, before we start to talk about Auras, I think that it would be really wonderful for you to share how you are able to, one of the questions that I get a lot is that people say at, you talk about intuition and you talk about receiving guidance and you know, hearing that guidance and knowing how to proceed. And the number one question around that is people say, how do I know the difference between my inner voice and whether it’s guidance or whether it’s fear or whether it’s hope. I like that they want to know, you know, how to discern that. Can you share about that?

Doris: Yes, of course. Because I had that also for a long time. To me it’s, when it happens, it’s the level of clarity. This is actually what makes the difference is the moment you do not question if it’s coming from you or for someone else. The channeling could come in visions in knowing or in hearing and sometimes it’s just looping in my mind over and over again. Or sometimes I will have the intention in my meditation to go somewhere and I ended up going into a complete different direction that I did not intend to. And that’s when I know that it’s not me creating or trying to find out or try and, you know, wanting to know to satisfy some kind of insecurity or, or fears. Um, I’m just send into a complete different direction and the scenario plays on its own and that’s when I know it’s not me.

Abiola: Absolutely. I’ve had the same experience as well where there’s no way that it could be me because it’s something that I wouldn’t have thought of sometimes. It’s not even language that I would use, you know, to describe something. So it becomes very detailed, um, the channeling of the energy because it depends again on your, on your senses, which one is the dominant if you’re more of a sentient or audience or, so there is a level of precision there, the details, the feelings of that energy, the details of the visions. As you just said. You wouldn’t be able to, to imagine an invent and create so many things into such little time. And that’s when you know the channeling is, is clear. And speaking of clarity, you are bringing your gifts of aura readings to the retreat, which is going to be a divine experience. And I look forward to also having my, or a red by you, my sister. Let’s share with the audience. First of all, let’s start at the beginning. What are Auras for people who are wondering?

What Are Auras? How to See and Read Aura Energy with Lightworker Doris

Doris: it’s a big, it’s a big subject and the aura is actually what holds you together. Let’s put it this way. You feel that your physical, you feel that you are solid matter, but it’s actually only atoms, a vibrating one next to the other. And in order to stick together, they are forces. There are forces that are applying and you have different dimensions that are coming into play. So you have the physical, you have the first dimension, second dimension, third and so on. So when, when you come to life, when you, when you were born, there is almost like an energy egg that goes down onto earth that loads all your characteristics, your personality, your karmic baggage. It just comes down to earth and then through a birthday with, through your parents manifesting your existence, you, you come into this world and um, this energy egg is holding the matter together. So the aura your energy fields. Okay?

It is your programming. It holds the basics of your creation in this life and other worlds. Your connections with galactic families, with what you’re meant to be working on, onto this earth, your life purpose. If it’s holding everything, everything that you need to tap into is it held in your aura. So it comes from your physical reality, whether it’s a disease or it’s an emotion or it’s an energy. And you know, sometimes are talking about negativity, positivity, everything is held within. So once you tap into the aura, what’s interesting is that depending on the healer and their abilities, you can access different things. So with me, maybe, you know, and it’s that by the way, it is, it’s every reading is unique. I don’t have a set pattern and I wouldn’t do only karmic. I never choose. I allow myself to, to witness, you know, to open the channel. And then what comes through is always what I believe is what the person means in that specific moment. Um, so that’s how I would define you. What the aura is, is, is, is really, it’s a shell. It’s an energy shell that holds you together and that contains everything about you and everything about the universe.

Abiola: That’s one of the most beautiful descriptions that I think that I’ve heard of auras. Thank you so much for that. Did you always know that you could read Auras? How did you receive this gift or guidance?

Doris: I was always curious and interested in spirits and since I’m young, um, I think I just scared myself at some point and I, and I backed out, backed off. But, um, I was inspired. I think in my family. I always heard my aunt’s talking about past life regressions and Tarot card reading and you know, it, it was in the air. Um, and it resonated with me. I, when I heard that I felt this seems, this seems true. I’m sure I’ve had past lives, but I couldn’t tell how and why. Um, and I was 12 at that time. I’m 35 now. Um, and I just put it aside and gradually, so I lived in India for 13 years and I was, at first I was not spiritual. Um, even though I knew I was always guided, I did feel that I had my lucky star and I could feel some intuition, some strong intuition and the ability to read through people’s eyes, but it was not clear that this was a gift. It felt like a natural, a physical ability that I have. And, um, how it happened to me is that I went through hypnotherapy.

I had a small infection in the palms of my hands and I was going to go and see a dermatologist, but a friend of mine said, no, go and see this healer. And it’s like as if she pulled a thread, you know, from the palms of my hands, and she pulled out all my emotional blocks or whatever it was, my mommy-daddy issues. And so on. And within four sessions, my life changed radically. I started having visions. I started having predictive dreams. Um, and I was seeing some of, I had, as I told you in India, I had never meditated. I was not doing yoga or nothing, um, of the, of the modern age. But I was there for business. And through meditation, I started visiting other lives when I was an oracle in Egypt. Or I could see myself the way I would heal people in this life. And I thought I was creating it all, you know, that it was wishful thinking. And, but then I called this wound because I got excited. It was, it felt so fulfilling to me. So I called her and she said, you’ve opened your channel and start healing the world. The world needs love. So starts, and that was the beginning of my journey six years ago now, six and a half years ago.

Abiola: And so many of the women who are coming…, Goddess Doris. Actually, I’ve been calling you lightworker Doris. So that’s what I will call you to your face, because that’s what I’ve been calling you behind your back.

Doris: That name, by the way, was given to me by my guides. I had no clue what it meant, you know? So that was another thing. I was almost even disappointed at that time. A lightworker seemed very hippie, like, you know, let’s run naked in the fields and I was thinking, what does that mean? And it took me a year to understand and embrace it would make more and more sense everyday to be a lightworker.

chantilly retreat castle chateau france yoga retreat =- What Are Auras? How to See and Read Aura Energy with Lightworker Doris


Abiola: Well, one of the wonderful things is that most of the women who are attracted to my retreats are our sisterhood. Our tribe, they are all for the most part fellow seekers and lightworkers healers and coaches and givers. And so some of the women, if not all, that you are working with will be hoping for an experience similar to the one that you had with your mentor where she was able to help you to open your channels. Do you believe that, and this will be our last question in this part of the series, do you believe that everyone can read auras and if someone is watching this and they would like to begin, what do you recommend?

Doris: I’ve received some information because we are all loaded with infinite gifts. But in each incarnation you have, you will have a specific sets of gifts. So, and that’s the reason why everything is healing. That’s why you have crystals, sacred geometry, aroma therapy, natural therapy, a yoga, everything is healing. Um, I do believe that everyone to an extent can channel and can read or us, but I think some people may have it more as their life purpose for some others in the way. Some people will be more attuned to crystals or stones or, or sense. Um, but yes, we are, we are all loaded with it’s part, we are wired this way. Energy is, is our source. So we can, we all sense energy and it means something. So up to one extent it can be clearer for some people.


lightworker doris auras


Abiola: I agree; it’s the same way that some people are clairaudient or clairsentient and we all receive our gifts differently and it’s so magnificent. Like how, how boring it would be if we all had the same exact. And so how do you recommend that someone begin?

Doris: Realize, yeah, it’s a practice. The way I do is I put my hands are within your energy field of a person so you clear your head. I think the biggest part is going judgment free, not trying to anticipate what’s coming, not trying to expect a re a result. You know that Oh maybe the person would want to hear something specific is, is go as blank as you can as you can and, and request that anything that has meant for the highest and best of the person who needs to receive should be, should be received in channel and, and it will come and it’s practice.

You know, you can, one person can start on their, on their own, on themselves and then on others. But for me it’s practice. The one last note I noticed the last question for what was very, very interesting is that I seek for a teacher for that. And you know, there’s the saying that when, when you are ready or when it’s the right timing, the teacher will come. My teacher never came and I know I’m, I am a teacher by nature, but I, I learned hypnotherapy. I learned sound healing, the aura reading the light work that I’m doing. Um, nothing. It was pure practice, daily practice as many times as possible. And I learned how to read energies and within the bodies and the layers and the colors, um, on my own. So there’s nothing best than practice.

Abiola: Beautiful and well said. Well said. I’m looking forward to getting to continue this conversation in the next segment with you. Thank you so much. Lightworker Doris.

Doris: Thank you so much for you to ask all those questions and to give me the opportunity to share.

Abiola: Please share your website. Let’s do that in each segment. Even though they will come play with you at the Goddess of Paris Retreat.

Doris: The website is the-lightwork.com. And on there you can find testimonials. All the services, the workshops, you will have all the information. Yay. And if you are, if you were guided it to this video, I believe firmly in my heart, soul and bones that it’s for a reason and if you’re feeling guidance to come and play with us at the goddess of Paris miracles and manifestation retreat, I look forward to seeing you there.

Abiola: Do tune into the other videos in this series where it lightworker Doris, we’ll be sharing with us her gifts of what we’ll be talking about, hypnotherapy, which I’m excited to talk about because it’s something that I’m studying as well. We will be also talking about sound healing.



::::Join me to manifest something BIG in a fairytale castle in FRANCE. The Goddess of Paris! Miracles and Manifestation Retreat kicks off July 2019. Learn more at GoddessOfParis.com


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What Are Auras? How to See and Read Aura Energy

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