My sacred bombshell sister… Many of you have been feeling like you’re stuck in the Winter of your life. Your leads, plans and ideas are running cold. There seems to be a lack of fertile ground for miles. A beautiful woman told me the other day that she felt like if it wasn’t for bad luck, she would have none. In “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love” I call this having a “Dry Life Crisis.” Let’s talk about being in a spiritual and emotional winter and living in difficult times…


Watch: Are You in an Emotional Winter? Spiritual Seasons in Our Lives

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Excerpt from My Huffington Post Column

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You see yourself as a flower, and that’s where you got it twisted, as we say in NYC. The flower is subject to the whims of the sun, the rain, the weather, and green thumbs. Flowers are delicate and fragile.

You are NOT the flower, my darling. You are THE SUN.

The Sun is not subject to the whims of any other weather or force. The Sun is lit from within, a ball of Divine fire power.

The Sun doesn’t rise or set. The Sun stands her ground. We rotate around the sun, making a complete turn every 24 hours. The Sun stands her ground. When it is cloudy, the Sun is still there. When it is rainy, the Sun is there. Winter? Spring? Summer? Autumn? The Sun stands her ground.

The Sun doesn’t really rise and shine. The Sun IS shine. And so are you. It is OK to release the fear that you are stuck in an abominable Winter season. You just had it twisted. That’s all. You are not the flowers under the snow. You are the Sun.

And even given that, there are colder and warmer seasons in your life. That is NOT in your head. Stand. There are times that are more and less fertile for you. Stand. There are times of pain, grief, and struggle.

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Soulcare and Healing for When You Are In an Emotional Winter

Affirm It! I am the SUN.