Let’s talk about the limiting beliefs of envy and jealousy and consciousness shifting…

Hey Sacred Bombshell,

First they tell you all of the reasons why CAN’T or shouldn’t do it. Then they say you’re CRAZY when then see you doing it. Then they ask you HOW you did it, right?

We all know what’s up when other folks are the haters — but real talk, are YOU the secret hater? Are you the one filled with jealousy and envy? Are you beholden to the green eyed monster?

Before I wrote books, I used to be SO JELLY (Nope! Doesn’t make it sound any cuter…) and completely ENVIOUS of practically any other published author in my age group.

I felt like, why her and why not ME?? Thankfully, I REALIZED that I was a secret hater and had to get myself in check. Envy is a blessing blocker because is the product of SCARCITY consciousness and limited thinking. So what do we do about it? And what do we NOT do about it?

*NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO* below about how we block our own blessings with envy and jealousy — and how to overcome jealousy and envy. New videos every Tuesday. 

Watch: Overcoming Jealousy & Envy

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