I am inviting you to join me for African Goddess Initiation Summer Fest 2021! African Goddess Initiation Summer Fest is a global goddess gathering of women like you and me, around the world to embody our divine power. Did you catch day one with Goddess Anita Kopacz?
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Connecting with your goddess power is about connecting with your self, mind, body and Spirit. I created the African Goddess Initiation Summer Fest in celebration of my brand new Hay House book, African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy(on sale now).
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Amanda Elise: African Goddess Initiation Summer Fest 20201


African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy

Hey Goddess,

Twenty years ago when I held goddess circles in my East Harlem living room, folks thought I was a weirdo. (Still do!) And no one knew what I was talking about. But here we are now. The feminine divine has been buried, hidden, and burned, but still we rise. And African spiritual philosophies have been demonized and belittled.
But again, here we are now.

This is what the African Goddess Initiation Summer Fest 2021 is all about! You are being called forth to reclaim who we really are – as women worldwide. You now must remember what we know in our bones and arteries. You are sacred.

Will you join us? You know this is for you if this message found you. The rebirth has already begun.

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I invited about 20 power-filled goddess mystics, many of whom are featured in my new book, to share their knowledge with you.

Today’s Goddess Guru is Goddess Amanda Elise.

Amanda Elise, Spiritually Dope

What do you do, Amanda?

I host international plant medicine retreats, I own an online spiritual store and I have an online women’s manifesting group.

How would you describe your work?

I am passionate about helping black Americans heal generational trauma on a cellular level through plant medicines and daily spiritual practices. I help Black Women to give themselves hope by tapping into their spirituality and understanding that they can re-create themselves through recreating their self-image and create their own life.

Is there a specific way you would describe your personal spiritual practice?

I would describe my practice as a shamanic way of living – being in tune with nature, cycles, the breath and our connection to anything and everything around us.

What makes this UNIQUE?

My work is from a “modern woman’s” perspective – I am non-judgmental. I’m not the shaman who is meditating on a mountain all day, and I’m also not completely “of the world.” I am able to understand both sides. I am also the “shepherd” who sheperds people to the professionals/shamans/healers who can help them. My work is necessary because people may not listen to the shaman because they feel they’re not relatable. People need someone they can relate to, to encourage them to live a spiritual lifestyle.

Is there a goddess that you relate to?

Not yet!

What do you do for your personal self-love, self-care and soulcare?

Love is a verb. It is a current daily practice to make sure that every single decision I make shows myself that I love and take care of me. I live a healthy eating lifestyle, I meditate (almost!) daily, and I practice positive self-talk and turn around negative thoughts. I make time to do the things I love, such as spending time with my friends and I surround myself with plants daily to absorb their healing frequencies.

Why do you do what you do?

(Should I say its bc my north node and moon are in my 8th house and I have a 12th house stellium?) LOL – my purpose is seriously *CONNECTED* to healing traumas, focusing on manifestation and living a life that is completely connected to spirit. I love what I do. Some of our African American brothers and sisters (and me at times!) NEED to completely re-do our self image… to understand we are WORTHY. We have to HEAL generational TRAUMAS. The time is now. If I can encourage someone to “go get their healing!” my work is done.

What is the most difficult challenge that you have overcome? How did you deal with it?

The most difficult challenge I’ve had to overcome is re-creating myself through a few short years of intense trauma – my parents losing their business (I was on payroll at the time, so I lost 100% of my income while I was in school). I was also in a physically abusive relationship at the time, and I was failing to meet school requirements. Through this, I realized my father had placed 75k of debt in my name and I had a failing credit score. I needed to find income, get out of the relationship, clean my credit and also finish school and graduate with a job. This is when I started living a spiritual lifestyle. I tapped into spirituality, manifested a great job, credit success, being out of the relationship, graduated with honors and a great job and began to re-build myself through that trauma. It helped me to become PASSIONATE about helping others to build themselves from the ground up using self-perception and tapping into the power and LOVE of the universe!

You recently shared on social media that you felt like you were on the run. How so? Why? What did you learn?

I worked for about 4 years to move to California. While there, I got into a relationship and then had a gut wrenchingly painful breakup that had me wanting to leave the state for fear of even running into my ex while out. I couldn’t bear the sight of him – I couldn’t bear the sight of seeing him and feeling embarrassed like I wasn’t good enough to hold the relationship together. I was walking in unnecessary fear and embarrassment every single day, so I ran. I first left the state when my lease ended, and then decided to leave the country. At this point in my life, I had done so much “healing” work and study that I somehow thought I could do a couple rounds of EFT and take a few sips of Ayahuasca and I’d be healed of this relationship pain. No. I was wrong. Healing takes time, and I learned to honor that time. I traveled solo around the world for two years because I found more comfort in foreign places where “no one knew me” than being at home and having to feel embarrassed that the relationship I thought was headed towards marriage, failed. I preferred being in other countries where “profession doesn’t matter,” rather than being in the states and fearing to run into someone I knew from college, embarrassed that I wasn’t further along in my career. I had also gained a lot of weight and it was easier to hide in Japan, than run into someone at the grocery store and see the look of shock when they saw how I had changed. These were all cognitive distortions. It wasn’t until I got back into the states, faced my internal judgements head on, that I was able to realize that 1) nobody cared and 2) I am a divine goddess and none of those things defined me. My so-called ‘failed’ relationship served to be the biggest catalyst for my life purpose: a journey into healing through plant medicine. My weight gain served to allow me to sit in the discomfort and realize that I am a beautiful goddess because of how I shine on the inside. Me not being ‘further along’ in my career was because I was going through a complete transformation of my foundation – built on stronger self love and discipline. Had I gone hard in my career sooner, it would have crumbled. I now love who I am and love my past for what its taught me. 

Please talk about your powerful journey with plant medicine. Benefits, your personal experiences and history, and how it helps. If there is a related story, that would be helpful.

My journey with plant medicine began after my breakup. Anxiety-filled, I wanted to heal every single thing I had inside of me that contributed to him cheating, and the breakup as a whole. I felt I was too selfish – too self-focused (which was false, I was just intuitive and could feel he was giving his energy to someone else, so my energetic reaction was to not pour love back into him).

I started with the sacred medicine Ayahuasca. A coworker of mine told me that she ‘knew a guy’ who was coming in town from hawaii and hosting a ceremony nearby. These medicines are not legal in the United States so it was very hush-hush. The ceremony was absolutely magical. It was painful, filled with tears and vomit, but magical. Ayahuasca is known as “the mother” – for how she gently, or painfully guides us to what we need to know. I saw past lives, I met with ancestors, and I healed a situation I thought had absolutely no effect on me. There are times when psychotherapy is important and times when these sacred medicines are vital. These medicines unlock hidden traumas that you may have been holding for years, or lifetimes. For instance, if a therapist would have asked me why I had an unshakeable feeling of guilt for years and couldn’t explain it – I may not have an answer, or to speed things up, just link it back to something irrelevant that just doesn’t feel right. While in an ayahuasca trip – I was faced with the true reality. Years before, I had an abortion, and because I believe in reincarnation, I did not feel it was wrong. I felt the baby would move onto its next life peacefully. While in my first ayahuasca trip, I was hit over the head with a ton of bricks how devastating this experience was for me. I felt I dishonored God. I am not making a statement whether or not abortion is wrong – but I came to the realization that it was wrong for me. I had zero clue I felt this way, and therapy would not have helped me get there because it was tucked so far into my subconscious. 

During this ceremony – the most profound learning that I had was – God does not care how much money you make, or how much outward ‘success’ you garner in life. God is only concerned with how much love you give yourself, and how much you extend this love to the people around you – with every interaction.  I have taken many different medicines and sat in many ceremonies and it all comes back to the same thing – loving yourself, giving gratitude to God, and loving others. We are all connected. 

If you want to be in control of creating a life that you love, it is so so so important that you heal unresolved traumas so that you do not attract the same thing.

When you have traumas held in the body, they represent a certain vibration, a certain energy – when this energy is held in your body, since like attracts like, you will consistently attract the same situations over and over that give you a similar vibration until you heal them. 

So this is why one of my favorite healing modalities are plant medicines. Tme and time again you hear of ayahuasca experiences where people have a vision of their childhood and a memory they had completely forgotten. You also hear of (and in my case, too) people who connect with ancestors and are able to see their ancestral trauma that has been passed down through DNA. This is why I love plant medicines, these traumas have been long forgotten and may not have come up through therapy. Often people need to sit with the medicine – the bridge between the spirit and physical world to see things that are not available in regular consciousness so you could be aware of it, see it and release it. 

To give a little history on Ayahuasca specifically – ayahuasca and its origins are a complete mystery to shamans. 

Ayahuasca is a psychoactive medicine which combines the chakruna plant as well as the ayahuasca vine to open up the portal to the spirit world. In the amazon rainforest, there are approximately 80,000 plants grown with 10,000 being vines. The odds of indiginous people finding these two plants and combining them are extremely rare. If you ask shamans today, their answer to the origin of creating this brew is that “the plants told them so,” thereby showing the respect and reverence of the spirit of such plants.

African Goddess Initiation Fest celebrates the divine feminine powers of the African Diaspora. How do you describe your heritage or home?

I identify as African American from Detroit, Michigan.

What is your BEST advice or wisdom?

WE. ARE. GODS and need to treat ourselves as such sacred divine beings!

Anything else you want to share?

This is a story of going from Victim to Victor, and spreading the wealth. I am honored to be considered.

About Amanda Elise

Amanda Elise is a certified life coach, certified reiki healer and multi-passionate spiritual entrepreneur who is passionate about helping Black Americans heal generational trauma on a cellular level through plant medicines and daily spiritual practices.

Amanda has helped startup to multimillionaire spiritual gurus get their message out into the world and change lives. Amanda hosts international mystical plant medicine retreats for Black Americans and offers them a chance to get away from daily life and heal generational trauma. Amanda also owns “The House of Abundance” online spiritual store which includes items such as the best selling “Write It Into Existence” 30-Day Guided Manifestation Journal that helps people write their desires into existence.

Amanda also hosts monthly online healing circles with acclaimed psychic and spiritual healer, Buddha Noah Alvarez. Lastly Amanda hosts “Speak it Into Existence” which is a monthly program where women use the power of their voice and vibration to magnetize what they want.

Amanda spent the last two years traveling the world solo and now lives in Atlanta, GA where she also graduated from Spelman College.


About the African Goddess Initiation Summer Fest 2021

Here’s how this free virtual event will unfold:   
From this Monday July 12th to August 1st, we will dance daily in the realism of the goddesses.
For the first 9 days, I will be going live on Facebook and Instagram — @HayHouse and @AbiolaTV.
PLUS every day you will be give another goddess lesson from the mystics I interviewed.
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Amanda Elise, Spiritually Dope