It is Day #2 of the African Goddess Initiation Festival. We are celebrating the launch of my new book. Today was all about the Earth Goddesses, Asase Yaa, Mama Djombo and Ala. There was also a lesson from Lorriane Anderson, Creatrix of the Earthcraft Oracle Deck.
In today’s live session, we did an ancestral connection meditation to receive guidance.

Watch the video now — and be sure to also catch up on Day 1, which was all about the orisha Yemaya. I also interviewed Anita Kopacz, who wrote the foreword for my book and a new novel called Shallow Waters, based on Yemaya.

We are counting down to the launch of my new Hay house book, African Goddess Initiation: Self-Love Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy.

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Day 2: Earth Goddesses and Ancestral Meditation

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Ancestral Goddess Guidance