Happy New Moon, Gorgeous!
Are you ready for an inspiring, uplifting and heartfelt conversation that’ll leave you wishing it was twice as long?
I sat down with my friend Colette Baron-Reid on her podcast INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE and am SO excited to share this beautiful conversation with you.
We talked about:
  • the beautiful moment of accepting your identity as ‘different’ and how to channel the feeling of otherness into fuel for creativity
  • the gift of embracing the sacred medicine and teachings of goddesses, ancestors, and spirits, and other cultures with curiosity and an open mind
  • transformational self-love rituals every woman should be doing to ‘sweeten’ whatever area of your life needs more love
You’ll want to listen to our entire conversation because the show notes really don’t do it justice!
Something you’ll want to hear about at minute 27:50 we talk about why you have more intuitive answers than you think you do, and I share a ritual to tap into them…
Sending you love and magic!!
Some links to listen to the podcast:

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