Stop the self-sabotage and step into your power! Sabotaging yourself is something that many high achievers have in common.

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Why Do  Keep Sabotaging Myself?

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There are 6 key reasons why we sabotage ourselves. Let’s talk about why you are making these choices.

Hey Beautiful~

It is Day 1 of my free “Spiritpreneur Spring Visibility Success Series” created with love just for YOU! 

New video on the blog — “Why Do I Keep Sabotaging My Own Happiness.”

In Goddess Temple Sunday, we spoke about the spiritual meaning of the Coronavirus and the power of setting your own powerful intentions. 

My earthly intention for this free “Spiritpreneur Spring Visibility Success Series” is to give you the paradigm-shifting mindset and spiritual business strategies you need to INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY (and your income) and launch your BIG IDEAS into the world.

BUT my powerful underlying sacred intention for this series is to keep your VIBRATION HIGH during this potentially stressful moment, and help us to SHIFT with love and magix into our next evolution. 

Got it? 
Whether it is a scary virus, politics or something else, there may be reasons to feel panicked — but there are also MANY REASONS to be grateful.

We woke up today, which means we were chosen with a very special mission. 
The mission of carrying humanity forward. 

Some days that means for me just nurturing my own being. Or holding space for my loved ones. Other days that means standing on a stage — in person or virtually — for the needs of you, my tribe.

You were born successful
Nothing can steal your true power. 


Right now in the visibility lab, we are being seen, being heard and launching movements. 

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