​Hello Goddess!

I am so excited that the doors — to Mawu’s Goddess Mystery School: The Ancestor Cohort — are open.

I am looking for a small group of incredible women who want to take this ancestral deep dive.

For each person who registers, I am doing a mini-read on you behind the scenes.

When Spirit tells me the group is complete, we are complete.

This program is a deep dive into your divine feminine lineage.

Yesterday I mentioned the recent Waterfall Ritual that I led and a few of you reached out wanting to know the details…

(VIDEO LINK: https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/738761272​)

The spiritual mechanics of this ritual are too much to explain in this email — but let’s talk about it in Mystery School. 

The reason for this rebirth and cleansing ritual is the water remembers, the earth remembers, and your soul remembers. 

To learn more about ASE/! The Ancestor Circle of MAwu’s Goddess Mystery School, go here: https://womanifesting.com/goddess-mystery-school-a…

All the love, 


P.S. For the first 20 women to register, we will have a private Q&A circle either at the middle or end of our journey, depending on what is most needed.

Learn more here: https://womanifesting.com/goddess-mystery-school-a…