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Mawu's Goddess Mystery School



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10 LIVE Magical Weeks to

Sit in the Center as the Living Representative of Your Ancestors, Reconnect with Your Ancestors

to Find Purpose, Self-Love & Awaken the Goddess Within

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You are cordially invited to become a founding member of Mawu's Goddess Mystery School's


Awaken your ancestral connection to replace the anxiety, overwhelm, and frustration holding you back with the goddess power to MANIFEST EVERYTHING that is your sacred birthright.



Are you ready to reconnect with your ancestral guides, heal your lineage and awaken your ÀṢẸ?



"i found god in myself and i loved her fiercely."

~ntozake shange

Tap into your power now

~Great Greetings Goddess~

FEELING lost & stuck is NOT your TRUTH. 

Manifesting an ABUNDANCE of miracles, love, joy, laughs, passion, pleasure and riches IS.

But I don't need to tell you... 


The question is:


  • You are stuck and overwhelmed
  • You doubt your own power
  • You feel like a fake and a fraud because people think you have it all together
  • Your relationships are more chaotic
  • The divine masculine seems unsteady
  • It feels like you are going it completely alone
  • You are procrastinating on your dreams
  • You put everything and everyone else first


  • Our civil rights are being questioned
  • They are legislating our wombs
  • Financial inflation and recession is a constant threat
  • Our children don't feel safe
  • The vote is up for grabs

The list goes on...

Are you going to THRIVE or just SURVIVE?

The real deal is that there is a POWERFUL and INFINITE source of knowledge that you haven't tapped into the way you should...


If we keep doing what we have been doing, you will keep getting what you've been getting,

It is time to make a change. We need medicine. Ancestral medicine. That medicine is the healing and wisdom they left for us.


And the best way to invest in yourself – to guard against the chaos of the outside world and to make sure that no matter what is going on around you, that you remain steady, focused, fulfilled and successful – is to gain the skills and capabilities that Abiola Abrams teaches in Mawu's Goddess Mystery School: The Ancestors Cohort.

For those of us who are choosing to THRIVE no matter the circumstances of the times, investing in yourself and your connection with INFINITE KNOWLEDGE is the best investment you can make right now.

Goddess Law of Attraction Retreat PAris
Goddess Temple Circle
Goddess Mystery School

Welcome to Circle of Ancestors!

It is time to sit in the center and take in their knowledge.

Hello, I'm Abiola!


You hear that inner whisper?

That is the sound of the goddess rising.

Rise, goddess, rise! You are the hero of this story.

You are being called to bear witness to your own joy, magic, and abundance.

Will you heed your own call?

Some of us have been hiding, shrinking, betraying ourselves, faking the funk, and playing small for so long that we believe that we are small. That shrunken self is not you. That shrunken self is a persona you created to survive.

Goddess rising is an energy that can no longer be contained. And it has been a long time coming back.

Our goddess temple and global sisterhood stretches around this magnificent cosmos. We are Nigeria and Atlanta, Brooklyn, Rome and Paris, Harlem and Zimbabwe, Guyana, Brazil and Jamaica.

Let the circle be unbroken. Goddess rising is you. 

Hay House Author Abiola Abrams

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Goddess of Paris Miracles and Manifesting Retreat
Full Moon Circle

Are you FINALLY ready to make SHIFT happen?

You've survived because the fire within you burns brighter than the fire around you.

Let's talk about your personal liberation. 

Have you ever had the feeling like you were missing something, like everyone else had life figured out but you, and you feel lost, confused and like you just don't belong.

Or maybe you just feel alone. 

This is a time of great shift. The things that used to work for you will no longer work, because the things that worked for us as a collective will no longer work. 

You have a big calling. And what you are seeking is also seeking you. 

The divine is calling you higher and forward.

So what do you desire, beautiful one?

Maybe it is an ethereal yearning like peace of mind, clarity. more joy. Or maybe your vision board has a new relationship, more money, your own thriving business, sexier experiences, a healthy body, telling your story to millions.

Whatever you desire, again is seeking you.

So maybe you have these desires... but you just don't know how to get there.

Maybe you can't even put this desire into words. But you still can't let go of the feeling that something is missing. Things feel okay, but just off. 

You urgently need a new path, a new way forward, a new something. 

Now it is time for something completely different. 

You are only one YES away...


Mawu is the Dahomey moon goddess. Her powerful essence asks us to consider our own power to move the tides.

It is YOUR TIME to reclaim your JOY, your CONFIDENCE, and ABUNDANCE to manifest your desires and pleasures.


The Secret Power of WoManifesting with the Ancestors

You inner Guidance brought you here. The ability to manifest and create is coded in your DNA.  The Law of Attraction is only one spiritual law. Yes, it is a fun one, but your manifestations can drag and feel out of alignment when disregarding the other laws of the Universe.



The Secret Power of Honoring Ancestors with Ritual

You are simultaneously an oracle and a temple, if you choose to be. Ritual is the channel to awaken the goddess within. Ritual is the way we communicate with the divine in order to show devotion, elevate our consciousness and align with our highest and best selves. 


The Secret Power of Your Ancestral Shadow

Your shadow is over being stuffed down hidden and overlooked - so it's acting out. Who is doing the manifesting in your life? Are you manifesting with your heart or through your limiting beliefs? On this journey, we will illuminate manifesting secrets from the shadow goddesses to transmute, integrate and heal.

Card Image 3

One of our biggest issues is feeling disconnected from our true power, our ancestral power.

Who would you dare to BE if you knew you could not fail?

Why I birthed Mawu's Goddess Mystery School...

Abiola Abrams - Goddess Mystery School

I was really insecure kid. 

I got the message that achievement was my key to get love. So unconsciously I set out on a path to be significant. To PROVE MYSELF and out-work, out-hustle, rest when I am dead...

It left me depleted and craving the very self, craving the Goddess within. 

My divine feminine gifts of receiving, intuitive, self-adoration, radical presence were lost.

It has been a long journey, an unfolding to get back to myself

It involved broken relationships, bouts of fear, Dark Nights of the Soul and multiple Dry Life Crises. I bought into the myth of being a "strong Black woman." That kept me feeling disconnected and lonely. Trying to just be strong robs us of our humanity and will keep you filled with self-doubt. 

  • Your goddess self holds gifts of confidence and manifestation.
  • Your goddess self is in alignment with the Divine.
  • A drop of the ocean holds all properties of the ocean. 
  • Dirt from the mountain holds the same minerals as the mountain. 
  • A piece of the Sacred, the mother high, the God/ddess the Universe is all that. 
  • Be still and known. 

This Sacred Sisterhood is calling you forward.  

When we were little girls, instead of hearing how worthy we are, how deserving of love we are , how enough we are, we learned all of the ways society thought us inadequate. 

They said love yourself but no one taught us how. They couldn't teach us because they didn't really know themselves. 

We were not encouraged to tap into our hearts and thinking was prioritized over feelings. We didn't learn about the sacred feminine. We were taught to fear the power of our bodies instead. 

There was a time when these lessons were passed down from woman to woman. 

I was hiding, shrinking, dumbing myself down and watering myself down to make other people feel comfortable. 

Sure, you can be strong... but also soft, vulnerable, silly, funny, pissed off, filled with fun, joy, pleasure, and mystery. 

These are gifts of connecting to the inner feminine, the inner goddess. 

You're disconnected from your ase, your kra, your ori, your chi,  your personal essence so you have been settling.

Settling for other people's expectations, other people's pathways.

It is time to choose your own.

Abiola Abrams - Goddess Temple Circle

The shining photos of the BEAUTIFUL goddesses here are from some of my past juicy in-person Goddess Womanifesting adventures in Bali, Belize, Tobago and Chantilly, France. 

After each magical goddess retreat journey is SOLD OUT, I get so many messages expressing REGRET over being too SCARED to take the leap. 

Those woulda-coulda-shoulda messages and fear-based excuses break my heart every single time!!

Will that be YOU this time? 

Or will YOU RISE to the journey?


  • There is a hunger in your heart. You are yearning for change. Desire calling you forward but it somehow still remains illusive. You feel stuck, frozen and left behind.
  • You are having a dry life crisis or a dark night of the soul. You are a stranger in your own life. You know there is more for you but you can't get to it.
  • You need a CHANGE, a drastic change. You have been going around and around and around in circles. 
  • You are out of sync with your true power. 
  • You are performing yourself instead of being yourself. 
  • You have a craving for YOU, a craving for your sensual self, a craving to be turned on to your life.
  • You want to turn up your manifestation power.
  • You want to connect to community and sisterhood.
  • You need more courage, confidence and bad assery. You are ready to be unfkwithable in every aspect of your life. 
  • You have WONDERFUL ideas but they fizzle on the vine because you start, stop, start, stop and procrastinate. 
  • You feel a sadness when you think about where you want to be. You feel like you missed your chance. You worry that it may soon be too late for you.
  • Your creativity is backed up, stuck and constipated. 
  • You feel JEALOUS when you doom scroll social media. 
  • The slightest thing makes you overwhelmed. Sometimes you just feel alone. 


  • You need a COMPLETE CHANGE.
  • "I'm not ready yet" or "I'll do it NEXT year" is a constant excuse for you.
  • You miss opportunities that could take you to the next level.
  • Is it hard for you to make decisions and commitments.
  • You get nervous when life is working out.
  • Your biggest blocks are your own beliefs.
  • You are a solution-maker for everyone else except yourself.
  • Whenever opportunities like this come along, you are filled with excuses about why you can't do it.

This AWAKENING journey is NOT for you if:

  • You want to stay stuck in your comfort zone.
  • You want to just keep going from self-help book, podcast, course to self-help book, podcast, course without evolving.
  • You want to stay "just not ready yet." You are not hungry for more.
  • You are happy with the hustle mode of the patriarchy.
  • Investing in yourself is not in alignment for you.

Goddess Retreats with Abiola
Goddess Retreat with Abiola Abrams



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You are the Goddess.

Weeks 1 & 2
Your Guiding Ancestors

Who are you?

To get started we have to go back before the beginning, back before your greatest grandparents knew their own names. 

Each of us is the product of thousands of ancestors. So what do they have to do with you now? What do they want you to know? And what do they have to do with what you are manifesting?

Week 3 & 4
Receiving Guidance

What do you really desire?

Your Inner Temple of Conjurers rules your desire, pleasure, creativity and capacity to birth what you need and want.

But real talk, how many of your desires come from you? And how many come from the voices of the world around you? Let's come into alignment. 

Week 5 & 6
Your Life Purpose

How long have you been carrying a sword and shield?

How long have you resisted standing firmly in your truth and ready to move forward toward your destiny?

When the Divine says to move, what stops you from moving?

Week 7 & 8
Ancestral Shadows 

Your big, beautiful heart is the most powerful muscle in your body.

The way you love not only affects the way you forgive, grieve and the way you allow yourself to be loved, it also affects your manifestations. 

Fall in love with yourself and fall into alignment with your sacred manifestations. 

Weeks 9 & 10

Healing Your Lineage

Words are spells. So what words are you speaking over your life? Are you speaking words of love, encouragement, truth and positivity? 

Are you saying what you came to this beautiful world to say? Who would be hurt if you spoke your mind? What would it look like if you were a truly expressed goddess?

Your voice and your story matter.

Greetings Goddess!

I'm Abiola Abrams, award-winning and bestselling Hay House author, goddess retreat leader, podcaster,  transformational speaker, inspirational deck creator and intuitive self-worth midwife. 

I want to help you shift the molecules, free yourself from limiting beliefs and get in to the flow to allow yourself abundant joy, happiness, love, fun, and pleasure.

Are you in?

This challenge is based on my transformational African Goddess Rising Oracle Deck and my groundbreaking book, African Goddess Rising: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy. You don't need to get either for the journey, but it would be helpful for you if you did. 

This is going to be a powerful activation -- and YOU are just getting started. 

Abiola Abrams

Your Goddess of Revolutionary Self-Love

Mawu's Ancestral Matrix


Akoben adinkra


You have 64 distinct great-great-great-great grandparents, more if you have adoptive branches in your tree.  You have the ability to heal and transform your bloodline. 


There is a reason divination is a part of every single African spiritual tradition. Divination is sacred tool for personal development and transformation. You will learn how to work with Abiola's African Goddess Rising Oracle Deck and others for spiritual awakening and manifestation. 

adinkra epa


African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy

You are simultaneously an oracle and a temple, if you choose to be. Ritual is the channel to awaken the goddess within. Ritual is the way we communicate with the divine in order to show devotion, elevate our consciousness and align with our highest and best selves. 



Your shadow is over being stuffed down hidden and overlooked - so it's acting out. Who is doing the manifesting in your life? Are you manifesting with your heart or through your limiting beliefs? On this journey, we will illuminate manifesting secrets from the shadow goddesses to transmute, integrate and heal.


You will not only get to work with Abiola, but some of the most powerful mystics available. 

adinkra gye nyame


How to Use Meditation and Yoga to Combat Stress

We will work together closely during this journey. The wonderful thing about being a part of the first cycle of this Mystery School is that we will co-create it to your needs. Future cycles will be DIY and Self-Study. But you have the unique opportunity to be a founding member of this powerful pathway. 


African Goddess Rising Oracle Cards
African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity and Joy





All lessons will be recorded - and there will be implementation time and breaks built into the program.

Lessons can be accessed at any time. 

As a founding member, you will be one of the builders of the program.  


1. Will I need the book African Goddess Initiation and card deck African Goddess Rising to participate in this goddess empowerment journey?

YES, gorgeous! It would help if you have the book, African Goddess Initiation, and the African Goddess Oracle Deck to participate. If you can't get them, just let us know and we will figure something out. 


3. When is the next in person Goddess Retreat with Abiola?

We have had transformational Goddess Temple Circle retreats and workshops worldwide in magical places like Bali, Belize, London, France, Trinidad and Tobago, the Bahamas, and NYC.

The next in-person Goddess Retreat has not yet been announced as Abiola is on her motherhood journey with Baby Ruby, so please take full advantage of this rare opportunity to work with her closely.

5. I just paid and now I am scared and panicking because this is new and different and scary and strange. All kinds of things have come up with my job and I am overcome by resistance in many forms -- and I might want a refund.

Hey beautiful - We totally understand. It's scary. 

As soon as you sign up, you level up. And as soon as you level up -- all kinds of reasons occur why you can not or should not. 

Your money, time and attention will be demanded elsewhere. Stay the course. 

If you have an emergency and need to pause, you can come back an participate in the program at ANY TIME in the future. 

Resistance will always show up when you choose you.

However, this program is non-refundable after 24 hours-- committed goddesses only! :-)

There is a 24 hours full money back, no questions asked policy, as with all of Abiola's programs. But this is a room for those of us who are saying, I am deciding that I am ready. 

What are you deciding, beautiful?


2. I LOVE that this cycle of Mawu's Goddess Mystery School is LIVE. BUT I have to work and can't make it to the sessions. 

No worries!

We know you're busy. Everything will be recorded so you don't need to attend live, although it would be magical if you do. 

You will be able to access lessons, Q&As, guest sessions, meditations and rituals any time from your easy-to-access learning portal. 

You can also ask questions before Q&A sessions and watch for the answers on the replays so that you won't miss a thing!


4. What do you mean by "we are being invited to be foundational members?"

This is the first round of Mawu's Goddess Mystery School so it will be LIVE.

All other cycles will be pre-recorded.

Pre-recorded can be equally powerful, but as a foundational member, you help set the foundation by being in the first group.

Your questions, needs, desires and wants for the course will be baked in, with love.


6. Is my ethnicity or religious background a pre-requisite for this training or to participate in the goddess rituals and conjuring you will be doing? I want to be respectful.

Thank you so much for asking.

This mystery school will focus primarily on the gifts given by African ancestors throughout the continent and the diaspora.

A specific ethnic background or specific spiritual beliefs are not a prerequisite for participation.




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You missed out!


BASIC PROGRAM - program full



Special Founder's Launch Rate

  • 10 Weeks of Transformation & Generational Healing
  • African-derived ancestral rituals
  • Ancestral Mapping
  • Shadow work & Karmic journeys
  • Strengthen Your Intuition & Spirit Guide Connections
  • Biweekly Quantum Alignment Journeys
  • Heal and integrate your shadow self
  • Biweekly Transformative Rituals 
  • 5 Goddess Metamorphoses Workbooks
  • PAID IN FULL BONUS: Mawu's Goddess Mystery School Foundation Program Self- Study: 8 Weeks of Rituals, Meditation, Goddess Activations and more! ($2997 Value)
  • Two 1:1 Reading with Abiola (22-mins each) (Usually $668)
  • PAID IN FULL BONUS:  One (1) 1-on-1 Metamorphoses Session: Goddess Reading, Coaching and Energy Clearing (55-mins each) (Usually $497)
    ◆ PAID IN FULL BONUS: One (1) personalized subliminal Goddess Metamorphoses audio with binaural beats to support one key personal issue (Usually $400 each)


DEEPER DIVE: VIP - program full



Special Founder's Launch Rate

  • 10 Weeks of Transformation & Generational Healing
  • African-derived ancestral rituals
  • Ancestral Mapping
  • Shadow work & Karmic journeys
  • Strengthen Your Intuition & Spirit Guide Connections
  • Biweekly Quantum Alignment Journeys
  • Heal and integrate your shadow self
  • Biweekly Transformative Rituals
  • 5 Goddess Metamorphoses Workbooks
  • THIS PLAN INCLUDES: Mawu's Goddess Mystery School Foundation Program Self- Study: 8 Weeks of Rituals, Meditation, Goddess Activations and more! ($2997 Value)
  • Two 1:1 Reading with Abiola (22-mins each) (Usually $668)
  • PAID IN FULL BONUS:  One (1) 1-on-1 Metamorphoses Session: Goddess Reading, Coaching and Energy Clearing (55-mins each) (Usually $497)
    ◆ PAID IN FULL BONUS: One (1) personalized subliminal Goddess Metamorphoses audio with binaural beats to support one key personal issue (Usually $400 each)

Questions? Get in touch~


IMPORTANT: This program is non-refundable. 

We are calling forward committed goddesses only!!

What Real Goddesses Like You Are Saying About Working with Abiola

spiritual business coach client story

"If you’re thinking about doing a retreat or even just working with Abiola on your business or any other adventures with her, don’t think about it, just stop thinking, go do it. You won’t regret it."

spiritual business coaching - life coach

"If you’re ready to stop making excuses."

When I started coaching with Abiola, I was dissatisfied with my body and the direction of my life in general. I was in a rut that I didn't know how to get out of. Through my coaching session with Abiola I was able to figure out the steps necessary to live the type of life I've always wanted. These days, I'm down 40 pounds, working a job that I like, and producing the type of art I can be proud of. If you're ready to stop making excuses and to start making changes, I highly suggest working with Abiola."

Spiritual business coach for women

"Abiola’s essence can be summed up in four words: beautiful, goddess, positive and energy. She is not only beautiful inside and out, she has an amazing positive upbeat energy. She has the natural ability and magnetism to make each and every woman feel absolutely amazing and confident enough to draw out her own Bombshell Diva.”

spiritual business coaching for women

"Abiola will help you create the business that you’re looking for!"

“Through intense homework, discussion, probing questions that forced me to dig deeper, think harder and touch on uncomfortable spots in my own blind spots when it came to how I felt about myself as a business woman. I’ve been able now to see the prospects and the vision of my blog. She’ll be able to help you create the business that you’re looking for. Abiola listens, she refocuses and re-frames. And she gives you the tough love with always a smile when you need to rethink and reconsider. Abiola has given me such hope and such belief in myself as a business woman that I highly, highly recommend working with her if you want to really see changes in yourself.”

spiritual business coach for women

“Abiola has a beautiful, uplifting energy, and the ability to help many people with the work she does.”

spiritual speaker and entrepreneur

“Abiola Abrams took us by storm with an in-depth program on how you can motivate and develop your inner “me” and learn how to make transformation happen for yourself. If you need some healing, some motivation, some direction on personal life issues, then working with Abiola is for you!"

Coaching Client Testimonial

"So Miss Abiola challenged me to make $10,000 in three weeks. I’m going to go look up when my hot seat was because for the first time ever just signed an $11,000 client. Whaat the f*ck? I’m so worthy and deserving and I so love this woman. She’s amazing. I am so excited and I’m coming here to celebrate because Abiola you are f*cking magic. I knew it but now I really know it. I’ve never made that much. I mean I had to raise my prices. I have been spring cleaning on raising my prices. I have been doing all these things like looking into the shame, looking into the charge on why I don’t want to raise my prices, all this stuff. Thank you, Abiola!"

spiritual entrepreneur business coach

"Everything you need to start, grow, run, and improve your business!"

"Before I started with working with Abiola I was signing up for every freebie there was about how to grow my business all the while having a lot of fear around actually growing my business. The Spiritpreneur® Warrior Sisterhood has everything you need (seriously...everything you need) to start, grow, run, and improve your business in a way that is in alignment with your heart and soul. In addition to aligned know how, Goddess Abiola is tuned into the energy of the group and the Universe and provides the mindset and heartset support that you need at all of the right times."

spiritual and holistic coaching business for women

"An impactful journey in helping, guiding & coaching countless women."

"Abiola Abrams puts her heart and soul into her passionate mission to empower women. Her varied and multiple skills include major spiritual business savvy, TV & social media presentation, along with a depth of wisdom, soul and magnetic presence that is here to make a profound difference. This is reflected in her impactful journey in helping, guiding & coaching countless women. I consider myself very blessed to be working with her."

spiritual business coaching success

"What can I say about the amazing Abiola Abrams?!I have learned so much while working with her! Abiola has provided me with the tools to look within in order to run a successful spiritual business. The intuitive tools that she provided are all heart-centered given with a firm approach. Her advice and savvy is easy to follow and understand.”

coaching business success

"Abiola Abrams laser coached the group as the keynote speaker. This empowermwnt coach had people crying and thinking me for allowing Abiola to open their hearts. Her gift is heaven-sent, and I thank her for being a of my annual Women’s Empowerment event. I am thankful, blessed, and happy that she has made it that much more of a success."

coaching client testimonial

"When you want to manifest something that is your calling, the right tools and the right knowledge..."

"Before the program, I felt like I was just tip toeing around everything. When I saw the Spiritpreneur® Program, I jumped at it. I had to join. I would say now that I’m very confident in who I am and sharing my story, the good, the bad, the ugly. It’s been definitely a transformation and I’m a lot more comfortable showing up and being authentic and not really caring about who doesn’t like it. This is a beautiful process and I have taken some giant steps forward."

spiritual life coaching

"If you get the opportunity to work with this woman, take it!"

"Working with Abiola has literally saved my life. This woman is beautiful and generous and thoughtful and healing. If you are feeling overwhelmed about your direction and where to go next, get a coach! Get this coach. If you get the opportunity to work with this woman, take it! When I first called her, she didn’t know that I was in tears. Working with Abiola has made every difference for me."

spiritual business coaching for women entrepreneurs

"I tried other coaching programs and never got anywhere. The Spiritpreneur® program rocks."

spiritual business coach success

blog success story - coaching business

“Abiola’s non-judgmental approach allows her to sincerely listen and give empowering and insightful feedback. She speaks to the Queen that we each have inside of us. Abiola is someone I am very blessed to know and work with.”

spiritual business author and coach and speaker

“My whole life is different because of this woman. I am grateful for our sisterhood. Every coaching session and every ounce of motivation and encouragement over the years has had an impact in so many ways!”

"We leave EPIC. We leave transformed..."

"Just watching each of us individually as well as collectively remove the mask, you know, become totally transparent and authentic in front of each other and in a space that allows us to do that as women."

-Tomicka Miller Yates

"The power to move forward..."

"[It's for] women that are like-minded goddesses and just are stuck just a tiniest little bit and just need that little bit of power to move forward. Do it because it will make all the difference in your life."

-Joy Miller

"Working with Abiola was calling me!"

"I knew it was time for change and it was time for transformation and I knew I needed to meet my goddess sisters, my beautiful sister Abiola, and I knew it was time for change, evolution and growth."

-Keisha Thompson

-Interview with Goddess Tracey

-Tracey Bryant Swint

-Goddess Samantha's story

-Samantha Sinclair

-Interview with Goddess Tinzley

-Tinzley Bradford

“Helping me step into my abundance and power...”

"Had such a life changing experience, beautiful Abiola for making this possible for me.

I've learned things about my finances, things about running a spiritual business and things about life and the journey called life. 

And to help me get through this journey, I'm just so grateful for all of it."

-Goddess Kiesha

“Just complete love and light and very insightful... Abiola was able to pull things out of me...”

"I was hoping for a new beginning... It was beyond transformational. It was all that I expected and more and all that I needed and more. Abiola's sessions were just complete love and light and very insightful. Where I couldn't see things, she was able to pull things out of me that was like, 'oh yeah. And that actually makes sense.' And she's able to see us individually and help tweak what we're trying to get out."

~ Goddess Danielle Desire

“Clarity for my vision, my intention and my purpose....”

"I really was ready for that next step, ready to really dig deep and find clarity for my vision, my intention and my purpose. And I was able to accomplish that while while here. This was my first retreat - so I've definitely set the bar high. I can only imagine what next year will be like. But knowing, knowing Abiola and her beautiful spirit, I know that it will be 10 times as amazing as it was this year."

~ Goddess Dani Thompson
Wealth Empowerment Specialist


Say YES now & transform your life!

The power is in the present moment.

If you want a new life, let it begin NOW.

You deserve JOY, pleasure, fun and fullness. 

You need to raise your standards for the life you believe you deserve. 

If you have been waiting for a sign, this is it. 

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