Yay– #ProjectBodyLove! Farmers’ granddaughter — on the last warm day of the year?

It’s Day 1… Emily and I had a Google Hangout and the body love party begins!

Day 1 is about our favorite body parts. I LOVE everything you’ve been sharing– and will be reposting your pics etc. Mine are my #SacredBombshell natural hair, dimples, lips and hips for starters!! Lol– I like lots about me from head to toe. My small boobies, knock knees, and knee scar also rock. Whoo hoo. Go us!

What is YOUR favorite BODY PART?

Today is #Day1 of our #30DaysOfBodyLove challenge — every day, POST a body loving photo and #TAG us.

Plus we’ve got questions, videos, challenges, giveaways and more for the next 30 days culminating in a powerful Body Love Healing Retreat in Massachusetts. 

Let’s get it started!

Do tell- confess! What’s YOUR favorite body part?

Here’s a body love confession. I love my breasts but didn’t until a few years ago when I had a breast cancer scare and had to have a massive cyst removed. Do I love my awesome boobies now? You betcha.

My favorite body part is still my dimples, though! Love my natural hair, too.

The scoop:

You aren’t your beautiful body. You are not your bodacious butt or your luscious hair. You are a spiritual being with a magnificent temple that is fearlessly made. You are a majestic Wonder Woman, a Sacred Bombshell, a gorgeous creature born to create miracles and magic. 

[Find out about #ProjectBodyLove here.]

You are not your body - image

Thrilled about this body bliss movement and body acceptance healing retreat



 1. Watch! What is Project Body Love?

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3. The Project Schedule!

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THIRTY DAYS of challenges, healing, advice, Sacred Bombshell sharing, empowerment lessons and giveaways.

DAY #DATETHEME: Today we’re talking about…
WED 111/12/2014What is body love? What’s your favorite body part?
TH 211/13/2014Body Dysmorphia
FR 311/14/2014Food
SAT 411/15/2014Body Healing
SUN 511/16/2014Ability/Mental Health/ Anxiety / Depression
MON 611/17/2014Fat – the F Word
TUES 711/18/2014Yoni, Yoni, Yoni
WEDS 811/19/2014Chakras
TH 911/20/2014Shame
FRI 1011/21/2014Eating disorders
SAT 1111/22/2014Fitness
SUN 1211/23/2014secrets
MON 1311/24/2014Aging
TU 1411/25/2014Self-Loathing
WED 1511/26/2014Envy // Comparing yourself
TH 1611/27/2014Womb / Uterus
FR 1711/28/2014Sexuality
SAT 1811/29/2014Hair
SUN 1911/30/2014Abuse
MON 2012/1/2014Skin
TU 2112/2/2014Bellies and Abs
WEDS 2212/3/2014Breasts
TH 2312/4/2014Joy
FR 2412/5/2014Anger
SAT 2512/6/2014Legs, Thighs, Feet
SUN 2612/7/2014Face
MON 2712/8/2014Love and PTLD – Post Traumatic Love
TU 2812/9/2014Butts, Waists, Hips
WED 2912/10/2014Artifice – Makeup, Weaves, Plastic Surgery
TH 3012/11/2014Body Confidence & Gratitude


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