The changing of the seasons is a powerful time to have a goddess party… If you are looking for info on how to create a goddess circle, please find it in The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love.

Hey Sacred Bombshell,

In most of the United States, Mother Nature is showing us how easy it is to let go and start a new party. One fun and powerful way to celebrate the season’s changing is to have a goddess party. This is particularly impactful this time of year.

We are letting go of 2014, learning the lessons the year gifted us with, and then moving into an exciting new year. You may want to have your soiree on the full moon or the winter solstice. Because people can feel really divided around what we celebrate or don’t celebrate, this non-sectarian gathering is all about welcoming your girlfriends of all cultures and backgrounds.

Here are 5 Ways to make your goddess party rock:

Abiola in Goddess City

1. Goddess Attire Only Please.

Ask your friends to come dressed as the inner power goddess they really are. We’re all familiar with the gorgeous draped goddess dresses of ancient Rome and Greece, but this is a multi-culti soiree.

You might choose to assign a goddess to each friend, and be sure to include African, Haitian, Native American, and Latin goddesses from the diaspora. Then your girlies can interpret how to dress to represent these goddesses of love, abundance, passion, and the sun.

Beyonce Lemonade Curiculum

2. Crank up the positive passionista playlist.

Music is everything at a welcome to winter party. Create a powerful playlist of songs that embrace being a thriver, survivor, and beautiful woman on fire. There are all kinds of women’s empowerment anthems in all genres from hip hop and hard rock to R&B.

Music helps us sing it out, cry it out, and most importantly in this instance, dance it out. Let your guests be lifted by a playlist that tells them that they deserve to rule the world.

Wevolve Box - Seeds of Intention Box



3. Have a custom drink.

Every good party has a custom drink. Pour over ice, give it a cool name, and serve. Cranberries are the fruit of the season, so it would be very goddess-like to have fresh cranberries in bowls to enhance the decor and give folks something to nibble on.

To keep the vibe going, ask your guests to tweet and Instagram the party with the hashtag: #FiestaForever or something goddess-y you create.

Mojito Salad

4. Yummy organic eats are a must.

If your friends are anything like mine, everyone has different eating habits. Provide a couple of fresh organic staples but invite everyone to bring something yummy pot-luck style. This way people can take responsibility for their own eating habits. I never expect people to know which cycle of vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free/grain-free I’m on!

Oh – and sweet potato pie is a must.

tea bar

5. Tea bar, please.

I am a tea fanatic birthed from tea fanatics. A tea bar is a great idea for chilly fall into winter weather – although I drink tea all year round. Depending on the set up of your goddess party space, you can have someone preparing custom teas on the spot, or buy a huge assortment with everything from green to hibiscus tea for those who choose to partake.

Goddess City

6. Historical goddesses framed on the wall.

Salute the real goddesses who have walked among us. Hang powerful pictures of women who have made a historical impact around the space. You can also frame postcards of these historical powerhouses and put them around the goddess party space. At the end of the night, you can give one to each guest as a party favor and a bit of positive inspiration.

How to Make a Vision Board

7. Hold a vision.

What makes this goddess party a more powerful gathering than any regular get-together? Ask each guest to stand and share her lessons from this year PLUS her positive intentions for next year. Ask everyone to hold of vision as each woman speaks of her thriving and living her goddess dreams!

Sacred bombshells, unite!


Yoni Tea - Goddess Party

xoxo, Abiola


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This is SO much fun. I am a sucker for cranberries, good friends, and positive energy. When Bud Light Lime Cran-Brrr-Rita gave me a taste of this yummy drink and asked what kind of party I would throw to go with it, I knew instantly. By the way, those gorgeous Goddess City pics are me with my girls…