Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? That’s why you should be your one and only key beholder!

You are ENOUGH. Your BEAUTY is enough. Your BODY is enough. You are SO FREAKIN’ ENOUGH that it’s OUTSTANDING. Announcing #ProjectBodyLove!

Join us for this powerful social media initiative that will culminate in a healing retreat.

Greetings Gorgeous,

Today, my friend Emily Tepper (who is also a self-love coach) and I launched The #ProjectBodyLove Movement. Wooo-hooo!

We’re kicking it off with #30DaysOfBodyLove which will culminate in The Body Love, Body Acceptance, Body Bliss Healing Retreat in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. Emily is a Master Pilates Coach and a former dancer. As many of you know, I have been frank about my own experiences and recovery with disordered eating. This feminine energy initiative and two-day healing retreat is for any woman who wants to reconnect with her self and her body or who has had issues with body image, body love, and body acceptance. There will also be yoga and healthy vegan meals.

This will be empowering, juicy, healing, and life-changing.

Project Body Love is 30 Days of Unconditional Love for our bodies, head to toe?

Project Body Love

Are you in?

I’m so excited– kicking off this Body Love Mission and Body Acceptance Movement.

THIRTY DAYS of challenges, videos, advice, Sacred Bombshell sharing, empowerment lessons and giveaways. 

We are addressing feminine energy, eating disorders, sexuality, healthy weight release, abuse recovery, PTSD, body dysmorphia, loving your reflection, the shadow self, Self-Hatred and body loathing, and just looking gorgeous in your favorite jeans.


 1. Watch! What is Project Body Love?

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2. Share Your Story on Our #ProjectBodyLove Tumblr!

Body Love Tumblr
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Project Body Love  

3. The Project Schedule!

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Post your questions, photos, and comments with #ProjectBodyLove and #30DaysOfBodyLove. 

THIRTY DAYS of challenges, healing, advice, Sacred Bombshell sharing, empowerment lessons and giveaways.

DAY # DATE THEME: Today we’re talking about…
WED 1 11/12/2014 What is body love? What’s your favorite body part?
TH 2 11/13/2014 Body Dysmorphia
FR 3 11/14/2014 Food
SAT 4 11/15/2014 Body Healing
SUN 5 11/16/2014 Ability/Mental Health/ Anxiety / Depression
MON 6 11/17/2014 Fat – the F Word
TUES 7 11/18/2014 Yoni, Yoni, Yoni
WEDS 8 11/19/2014 Chakras
TH 9 11/20/2014 Shame
FRI 10 11/21/2014 Eating disorders
SAT 11 11/22/2014 Fitness
SUN 12 11/23/2014 secrets
MON 13 11/24/2014 Aging
TU 14 11/25/2014 Self-Loathing
WED 15 11/26/2014 Envy // Comparing yourself
TH 16 11/27/2014 Womb / Uterus
FR 17 11/28/2014 Sexuality
SAT 18 11/29/2014 Hair
SUN 19 11/30/2014 Abuse
MON 20 12/1/2014 Skin
TU 21 12/2/2014 Bellies and Abs
WEDS 22 12/3/2014 Breasts
TH 23 12/4/2014 Joy
FR 24 12/5/2014 Anger
SAT 25 12/6/2014 Legs, Thighs, Feet
SUN 26 12/7/2014 Face
MON 27 12/8/2014 Love and PTLD – Post Traumatic Love
TU 28 12/9/2014 Butts, Waists, Hips
WED 29 12/10/2014 Artifice – Makeup, Weaves, Plastic Surgery
TH 30 12/11/2014 Body Confidence & Gratitude


4. Join Us at the Body Love, Body Acceptance, Body Bliss Healing Retreat

Body Love Healing Retreat!

Eastover Retreat with Abiola and Emily

Body Love Healing Retreat for Women
>>Click here to jump in! Or Call Coach Emily for more information about the retreat: (347) 762.4886.