My guest on my Spiritpreneur School podcast is the lovely Liz J. Simpson, also known as the Self-Discovery Diva. Liz is a coach, a transformational speaker, and the author of a new self-help memoir named, “The Puzzle Pieces of Me.” Liz went from being a happy, bright college student to a domestic violence victim living in a shelter with a young baby.


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Hey Sacred Bombshell,

Last week’s free Spiritpreneur Success Class was a-mazing! BIG goddess LOVE to all of my indigo sisters who showed up to step into your calling and serve your tribe in a greater way.
The topic was 5 easy steps to build your own programs and products. The free class was to celebrate my upcoming program, “Create Your Own Spiritpreneur Signature Program.”
During the class, I got lots of great questions and comments about being a lightworker, soul-based coach, and healer and answering your calling.
Afterwards, I had an impromptu idea to CALL EVERYONE last night who registered for the big program on the phone to say congratulations.
I have NEVER done this before — and it was AWESOME and exhilarating.
These incredible women were still pumped up from the free class and so was I.
One of the goddesses I called to give a quick ‘Congrats Shout Out’ is a life coach based in Canada.
She burst into TEARS and shared that no one has ever said to her, (paraphrase) “Congrats. You’re amazing. You rock. You matter.”
She said that she had been through a cycle of abuse. 
I told her that her story was not uncommon, but also very timely.


xoxo, Abiola
P.S. For all of my sacred bombshell sisters asking for a replay of last night’s juicy and power-packed FREE Spiritpreneur Success Class on how to build your own goddess products and programs, I promise… I hear you… xoxoxo