Your free Tapping Solution Summit 2020 bonus gift from me, Abiola — so glad that you are here. 

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Hello Powerful One,


All of Creation brought you here.

I am so glad that we manifested each other.

You have come here via the transformational Tapping Solution Summit 2020, so I know that you are ready.

My session was all about the throat chakra.

SO, I have prepared a special free bonus gift with love for you to go deeper.

It is my FREE Chakras Unblocked Kickstart.

Below, please find a guided Throat Chakra meditation, Chakra Clearing Visualization and Printable Affirmations.



Chakras Unblocked Energy Shift

1. Printable Throat Chakra Clearing Cheat Sheet

Unblock Your Throat Chakra and Speak Your Inner Truth Infographic

2. Healing Throat Chakra Affirmations

I deserve to be heard.

My voice is worthy.

I love being seen and heard.

My voice is powerful.

I will tell speak my truth, even if my voice shakes.

My voice is more than enough.

Every word that I speak casts a spell.

My words matter.

It is fun to speak my truth.

I love telling my story, my way.

This is my time.

These are my words and I have spoken.

3. Your Guided Throat Chakra Meditation

4. Video

Watch! Throat Chakra Unblocked


5. Printable Throat Chakra Confidence Affirmation Cards


6. The Power of the 7 Chakras

Power of Chakras Infographic

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