From ‘The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love’: The Secret of Nizhoni: Beauty as a Spiritual Practice: The Sacred Feminine Law of Nizhoni…

The Sacred Bombshell embraces beauty as a spiritual practice. She knows that at any moment she can make the decision to be beautiful or to enjoy beauty. This is sacred Nizhoni. The bombshell need only rise to her true magnificence and step into her greatness. All beautifulness or ugliness she sees in her world shines forth from her. The beauty she admires in others is her own divine light being reflected.

Energy: (definition) The capacity or power to do work, such as the capacity to move an object by the application of force. Energy can exist in a variety of forms, such as spiritual, electrical, mechanical, chemical, thermal, or nuclear, and can be transformed from one form to another…

Sacred Bombshell Dialogue with Abiola & Energy Healer Zuyapa Jackson

Abiola: Goddess Zuyapa! I am thrilled to have this conversation. I believe very strongly in your work. You are an energy healer. Can you please explain and elaborate for those who may be unfamiliar?

Zuyapa: Yes of course! I’m sure that will be many people… I think often people think about energy as their energy level which is just a small part of what’s happening when energy levels fluctuate. I’ll try and explain it as succinctly as possible without giving a limited perspective.

Energy healing is about shifting energy. We all have lots of energy inside of us and all around us at all times. Pretty much everything we think, feel, know and experience has some resonance in our energy which we call vibration. Throughout life, the things we go through whether good or bad cause a change in our vibration: happy to sad, social to reclusive, empowered to afraid, open hearted to judgmental, grounded to spacey, ill to healthy and vibrant. These are a few example I’m choosing because I think people can relate to them.

So energy healing is a way of channeling high vibration universal energy to help create shifts in your life, your thoughts, your health and overall well being. Sometimes we need more high vibration light energy to move the darkness and sometimes we need the light to bring out more positive aspects. Energy is limitless and so are the number of ways you can use it to heal your entire life.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that something is “wrong” or you need “healing” in the traditional sense, although that may be true. It just means that you are working toward being more open, healthy, in the flow, in high vibration and in synch with the your true essence which is heavenly. Basically, your perspective or your life is like the lense of a kaleidoscope and your energy is what’s being through. Does that make sense?

Zuyapa Jackson

Abiola: That makes perfect sense. I was excited last month to receive the following message from you: “So just an FYI, the full moon is the prime time for the energetic facial treatment. If we can carve out an hour or so 3 days on either side of it, let’s.” I squealed with joy because anytime that I am consciously syncing with the power of the moon is a good day!

Can you please breakdown for my readers the power of the moon and its relevancy in this work?

Zuyapa: Everything is really based on moon cycles. Farming, the number of days in a month, the tides, etc… Our bodies are mostly water. Since the moon has such an effect on water it’s only natural that we are also affected by her cycles. When the moon is most full, her effects are most potent because her energies are the strongest. It can be done on any day but if you intend to do them monthly, the full moon is the best option.

Abiola: Yes! Let’s talk about the energetic facelift, which I call the spiritual facelift. Can you tell us about its history and benefits?

Zuyapa: Sure! The EF is a holistic beauty treatment that’s great tool for looking and feeling youthful and vibrant. Feeling youthful isn’t really about wanting to be younger. You can embrace your age and where you are in life and still look and feel youthful. There are life factors that accelerate the signs of aging and they have nothing to do with actual age or genetics.

Handed down from Starr Fuentes, the EF is administered by a trained practitioner who uses light touch and channeled energy to smooth out the layers beneath the skin’s surface, while brightening the skin, enlightening your aura, relaxing, de-stressing and energizing you and your body. It’s not a traditional facial type of procedure. There’s no tools or creams or anything like that. It’s all light touch and sweet gentle energy.

Abiola: Interesting. Okay, let’s really break this down, my bombshell sister. For those who may be new to this, what does that mean? How does it work?

Zuyapa: Well, some magical things can’t be explained so easily (laughs) If they could, then they wouldn’t be magic! Seriously, though, sometimes words can be limiting when the essence of something is much bigger than words.

It can be that way with energy healing. I can tell you about how the energy flows through me and I do certain things with it and it brings healing to your telomeres (which are responsible for aging) and the layers underneath your skin but there’s so much more that just has to be experienced.

Here’s an example: Stress, worry, poor diet, and things like that cause chemical reactions in the body and an aspect of the effects are aging. It can show up as worry lines and skin problems for example. During the Energetic Facelift, I am running energy into areas of the body where that stress and worry can be released. At the same time, I can bring healing to the layers underneath the skin to repair the sinking areas that create wrinkles.

This is a very simplistic explanation of course but I hope it gives everyone an idea of the possibility. During the session, I also explore the client’s life factors that can cause aging and we do healing on that as well.

Abiola: Does the client need to be present for you to do this procedure?

Zuyapa: Nope! I know that’s hard for some people to grasp when they haven’t experienced it but it’s physics really. Most healing modalities have their own method of working without physically being in the same location. This one works just as well, whether we are together or not.

Zuyapa and Abiola

Abiola: What’s your objective with this beauty procedure?

Zuyapa: I believe that beauty is a part of Divinity. When I say that I mean the real essence of beauty not simply symmetircial features or ideal eye shape. Real beauty is about God’s creation and the illumination of the Soul. We’ve all seen people who seemed to glow and couldn’t help but feel their beauty. This is what I want everyone to experience. Feeling beautiful because you are illuminated not just because your hair and make-up are done. Those things are fun too. I do love my red lipstick, as you know. But, the experience of feeling and being seen for your true inner beauty is one that can’t be explained. It’s beyond words. It’s magic.

On a more practical level, I want people to know that there are ways of looking and feeling better that are natural and healthy. So if someone comes in for the EF and they leave not only looking great but also feeling calm, centered, relaxed and full of strong powerful energy , then we’ve both just changed the world. And that’s such a gift and blessing. With the energetic facelift, I endeavor to make this a part of everyday reality for women – and men – everywhere.

Abiola: That’s great, Zuyapa. I agree. Beauty is absolutely a part of our divinity. In “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love” I have a whole chapter called “Beauty as a Spiritual Practice.” This is part of why I am so excited about this procedure. As a healer and a natural beauty yourself, can you speak to the fact that this is a natural beauty procedure?

Zuyapa: The EF uses only energy and light touch and specific areas of the face and head. The energy is being channeled from source and the places that I target are all connected to energy meridians, the cells and the DNA. I don’t know if you can get more natural than that (laughs) That’s even beyond a USDA organic certification.

So much time, money and health is spent on artificial methods of beauty but what if we could be more beautiful in our own unique way, be healthier and more full of life and fall more in love with ourselves. All in a way that doesn’t use chemicals, doesn’t use machines, and brings healing to your whole body and soul. What if?

Abiola: I had an incredible experience. Thank you generously for gifting me with this session. I felt like I was able to see a difference. I looked revived and refreshed. How long do results typically last?

Zuyapa: There isn’t a specific amount of time that each session’s results last. It’s very much determined by the person, their lifestyle and daily practice. My teacher’s have said if you do them every month for a full lunar year (13 months) that it’s permanent… and they look amazingly timeless so there must be something to it.

Abiola: Fabulous! A Sacred Bombshell is a woman who loves, honors, and cherishes herself, mind, body, and spirit. What makes you a Sacred Bombshell?

Zuyapa: Cause I be dropping them mystical bombs on ’em. Hahahaha just kidding … but it’s true. (winks)

Abiola: True indeed, goddess, true indeed! (laughing)


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Zuyapa: I think that what makes me a sacred bombshell is that I love honor and cherish myself AS my mind body, soul and spirit. In my physical body I am the expression of my mind, body, soul and spirit. How can I go wrong with that? I did mention that I love wearing red lipstick, feeling hot and sexy, and powerful all while my hair is bouncing and blowing in the wind, right?(laughs)

I’ve learned to embrace myself and enjoy being a woman in the way that I am a woman so that I can feel fiery, sexy, smart, powerful, and free. And I think it’s important for me to add here that no matter how I look on the outside or how anyone looks on the outside, we all have things about ourselves that we may have to learn to accept and get to appreciating.

Even in that, I see myself as one unit that works together as a grand orchestra. So embracing all of myself, tuning in to listen and respond to my body’s needs, and cherishing my desires, my space, my energy and passions are all ways that I am playing notes that create a melody. That melody is me. It’s my life. The chords come from within me and vibrate from my energy so I know that my song is unique and sacred.

Dropping into my uniqueness and letting it flow is what i think makes me a Sacred Bombshell.

It goes without saying that in the journey of accepting myself and not only being comfortable with me but also diving into myself is a lifelong process. What makes it awesome and special is to know that, be present with it and to do my best to be ok wherever I am at any moment. Because it’s all sacred and I can feel like a bombshell whether I am fresh faced home reading a book, feeling lonely and emotional, out on the town or dancing with aerial silks. It’s all sacred for this bombshell.

Abiola: I love it. Beautiful! How can people contact you for a session, and where can they learn more about your work? Oh — and of course they want to hang with you on social media, too.

Zuyapa: My website is and I can be reached through it. My social media handles are @zuyapajackson for twitter & instagram.

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