Here are 17 powerful spiritual business questions to ask when you feel stuck.

Are you feeling stagnant in your Spiritpreneur mission or business?

Check out these questions and reflect and meditate on the answers that come to you.

We all react different ways to feeling stuck.

Some of us procrastinate and some of us self-sabotage.

Other people go into hiding – or worse, fall into their addictions.

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Here are powerful Spiritpreneur business questions for entrepreneurs that you can ask yourself when you’re feeling stuck:

If you feel stuck in your Spiritpreneur Business or Life…

It’s time for you to stop distracting yourself from your purpose.

These probing self-care questions will help you to conquer self-doubt and self-sabotage.

Goddess Glitter Bonus – As a coach, healer or creative consultant, you can also ask your soulmate clients these questions when they feel stuck as well. Be sure to journal on the answers to help yourself to go deeper.



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