Are you undercharging for your gifts, talents, and spiritual business services?
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“What would You have me do? Where would You have me go? What would You have me say, and to whom?”
~A Course in Miracles~

Hey Gorgeous,

I LOVE this throwback pic with my Dad. Besides my face, as a Daddy’s Girl, I inherited lots of stuff from him. Some wonderful, amazing, genius things — and others… with PLENTY of room for improvement.
I always assumed that I had gotten my PEOPLE PLEASING WAYS from my Mom, because she was raised the same way she raised me. As a well-behaved, good girl/nice girl who never makes any waves.
Blecccch! lol
Unlike my mom and me, my dad makes lots of waves. When he’s upset, he easily yells and screams and then being sweet as pie 2 minutes later.
It could be easy to miss that underneath all of that bluster, my father is an even bigger people pleaser than my mother. Most of the folks who know my dad would say he’s the nicest person they’ve ever met – and he is. My father would happily give ANYONE, friend or foe, the shirt off of his back. He is generous to a fault. There is very little that anyone could ask of my dad that he would say no to.
My Parents
He is a minister and a writer, so some of this is in alignment with who he is at his core. He is the exact opposite of the “pass the basket around one more time” ministers. He’s more like a “here’s all the money from my pockets and bank account” kind of minister. My dad, like me, cares deeply for others. He also very much wants people to like him.
Many of us are out here living as Ministers of Martyrdom.  While on the surface this may seem great – it’s actually no bueno if you are trying to build a life and a business.
Unfortunately, it’s often those of us who are the Spiritpreneurs of Life who have this one-way-street issue with abundance. My uncle the exterminator doesn’t have this issue. He sets his fees commensurate with his market and gets paid well for his services. It’s a no-brainer – you want pest control? Then pay him!
There is nothing holy about undercharging. There is nothing sacred about providing amazing GIFTS, talents, and services and being broke.
For a long time, I had all of the issues with abundance that I inherited 10X’d! It’s a cultural limiting belief.
Artists should be starving, teachers should be barely getting by, and spiritual specialists shouldn’t charge. 
We start to unpack this in my free Spiritpreneur Unblocked Energy Shift.
Project Body Love
Are you UNDERPAID and UNDERCHARGING for your work?
Let’s shut that down right now. It’s wonderful to be generous like my dad. However, you have to be able to RECEIVE as much as you GIVE. That’s the cycle of life – reaping and sowing, giving and receiving.
When you GIVE without the capacity to receive, you either:
a) End up frayed from giving from an empty cup or
b) Deplete your resources and end up not being able to give as much at all.
I heard a quote from Marianne Williamson that rocked my world. She said that it’s not only a good thing for us to be rich and abundant, but those of us who are the spiritual seekers have a DUTY to be wealthy so that we can change the world. Got that? YEAH!
Stop Tolerating Your Self Sabotage - undercharcging
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Stop playing games!
Let’s do this:
xoxo, Abiola
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