Excuses… So what? You’re still a Rockstar!! Bombshell Academy Day #19. (VIDEO)

Passionista Principle: “If you don’t like the situation you’re in, you DON’T have to SETTLE for it.” ~Macy Gray

Hey Rockstars!

How often do you find yourself making excuses? Today we are saying SO WHAT to those personal narratives and excuses that we make to ourselves as to why we can’t live the life we came to live. This is day #19 in Bombshell Academy, based on the upcoming Bombshell Handbook. 

This web video series is sponsored by Terra Fossil Wines 30 Days of Wine Madness, a heart healthy campaign, and was edited by Kristal Mosley of iCreateTV.com.

P.S. Thanks for asking Anna Maria! Here’s the link to the “So What” Speech from the NYC Women’s Empowerment Conference. Enjoy!

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