Want to shift your energy into a higher frequency and vibration? I have a powerful energy shift guided chakras meditation for you. Watch! Align your chakras and make shift happen!!

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Shift Your Energy: Chakras Healing Meditation

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Hey Goddess~

You don’t realize how powerful you are.

And it’s not your fault.

It’s not our fault that we got the wrong idea.

Most of us were raised by well meaning folks who did the best they could.

Unfortunately, they best they could in most cases meant passing down their wounding to us.

Often in the name of keeping us safe, they programmed us with beliefs that keep us small.

It’s time for that to change.

Because you deserve better.

We deserve the fulfilled promise of a million people telling us to love ourselves but never telling us how.

We deserve the fulfilled promise of a million ads that we see by the time we’re 12 telling us all of the ways we are broken and how we need more stuff to become whole.

We are already whole.

We just need to come home to ourselves, to integrate the unloved parts of ourselves, to process the unhealed traumas.

We were never broken.

The beliefs are broken.

And those jacked up beliefs, jacked up thoughts and jacked up actions are not who we really are.

I refuse to believe that are small fearful selves are who we we really are.

It is time for a METAMORPHOSIS

Mary sent an email to learn more about how she could heal her chakras. This video is my reply.

Let me know if there is a topic you want me to make a video about.

It is time for your personal freedom from every fear and challenge that is holding you back!!

Ready to breakthrough?

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