Singles in Stilettos Podcast! Secrets to Letting Go of the Outcome in a Love [Video]

  • Secrets to Letting Go In A Relationship

Singles in Stilettos Podcast! Secrets to Letting Go of the Outcome in a Love [Video]

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Let’s take a positive love break with Suzanne Oshima and Single in Stilettos. When the outcome is constantly on your mind every time you get into a new relationship, you can get weighed down by anxiety. Know the secrets to letting go of the outcome in a relationship.

Single in Stilettos was founded by Suzanne K. Oshima, who is a Life & Love Transformational Coach at Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette.



Letting Go of the Outcome

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From Goddess Suzanne

I’ve worked with thousands of single men and women as matchmaking, date & relationship coaching clients. In working with both single men & women over the years, I noticed there was a complete disconnect between what men wanted in a woman, and what women thought men wanted!

Having worked with thousands of single men…
I know what really ATTRACTS a MAN & What SCARES HIM AWAY!

Single men from all ages and backgrounds have shared with me their inner most thoughts and feelings about dating, women & relationships:

  • What he really thinks & wants from women.
  • What turns him on & what completely turns him off.
  • What makes him think of one woman as someone he just wants to date casually, and another woman as someone he wants to marry.

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