UNTAME YOURSELF || Yes to this juicy, inspired and politically incorrect goddess conversation on empowerment expert @elizabethdialto’s podcast.
・・・ Here’s what she said about it: “I lloovvveeed this conversation and have a feeling you will too. Today’s guest, Abiola Abrams, is absolutely magnetic and generous. We ran the gamut in this one on all kinds of sensitive topics from “color blindness” and political correctness to spirituality, rage, activism, and staying informed during these interesting times we live in. We talked about keeping an open mind, abundance, African goddesses, culture, and more. Her breadth of knowledge and experiences was super valuable and she offered both perspectives we’ve explored before on the show and some that we haven’t. This is a GREAT one to share with friends to help open up conversations that are not easy to have, but unavoidable anyway. Enjoy!”
LINK: 💻 WATCH or 🎧 LISTEN: http://untameyourself.com/episode-169

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