In Enter your Goddess Temple, my new Hay House audio program, I offer you teachings on your seven inner temples and specific goddesses associated with each temple.

Are you ready for a mindfulness journey of personal initiation, soul care, and self-love?

These goddesses, which can be found in the spiritual traditions of the African diaspora, invite you into their divine presence so that you can manifest their qualities right here, right now.

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Queen Mother Nanny’s Intuition Meditation

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Queen Mother Nanny of the Maroons is one of my favorite people who has ever existed. This Akan queen was kidnapped and trafficked to Jamaica. But word on the street is that she never worked a day enslaved.

Queen Mother Nanny, a healer and intuitive, escaped slavery with her brothers, ultimately coming back to free 800 enslaved peoples.

You’ll learn more about her in my new book, African Goddess Initiation, coming July 20th from @hayhouseinc. Find the Queen Mother Nanny intuition meditation on the Hay House Unlimited Audio app in my Enter Your Goddess Temple meditation program, check it out free for 14 days.

This meditation empowers your third eye chakra. Beautiful art by Destiney Powell for my upcoming African Goddess Rising oracle card deck.


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Queen Mother Nanny's intuition Meditation

Queen Mother Nanny's Intuition Meditation


Queen Mother Nanny's intuition Meditation