Do you ever have that feeling that you know that you can do something but for some reasons, you don’t do it? Self-doubt can be crippling. Self-doubt hinders you from a lot of things. If you don’t face this vicious enemy soon, you’ll miss out on a lot of things.

How begin to Stop Self-Doubt

  1. Stop Comparing Yourself
    You are your own person. You are unique in your own way.
  2. Don’t compare yourself with others
    When you feel those self-doubts begin to start, try to quickly quell. Your weakness may be other people’s strengths but their weakness could be your strength.
  3. No more excuses
    When you have inner self-doubt, you will often rationalize your outward situation.
  4. View your thoughts as a test
    Just because you think something doesn’t mean it is it’s true.
  5. Who cares what they think
    You can’t control what other people are thinking so why waste time worrying about it?
  6. Talk about it
    Don’t be afraid to talk to someone about it. Find someone who will listen to you without any judgment.
  7. Harness the power of Mother Nature
    When you are suffering from self-doubt, instead of focusing on it, get out and get some fresh air. Go to the park or go to the beach.
  8. Get a motivational booster shot
    If you aren’t feeling up for a task, then watch, read, or listen to your favorite motivational content. Who’s your favorite motivational leader?
  9. Don’t beat yourself up
    When things go bad, and mistakes are made, don’t beat yourself up to it.
  10. Answer your calling
    Often our self-doubt are creates vicious cycle of analysis paralysis. If you don’t move forward on your dreams, you create a self-fulfilling prophesy of you being less than capable.


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