Happy 8th Day of Blissness!!¬†🤩 Business Vision Board Creation!

📣¬†Here is the breakdown and template for what we will need on your Business to Blissness Vision Board!!

Business to Blissness! Business Vision Board Musts:

1. A celebration of YOU.
2. Clear Mission or Vision.
3. What your biz ideally looks + feels like.
4. THREE BIG THINGS you are inviting in.
5. Your soulmate clients.
6. How you intend to give back.

Watch! Day 1

How to Celebrate Your Goals and Big Wins!! Before Setting Your NEW Goals

Watch! Day 2

Your Most Ambitious Goals Should SCARE You!

[YouTube Link]

Watch! Day 3

[YouTube Link]

Watch! Day 4

The Power of Introverts! Putting Yourself Out There: Introvert? Or Shy? Or Social Anxiety?

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Watch! Day 5

Creating a Mission or Vision Statement Before Your Vision Board

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Watch! Day 7

How To Make A Vision Board That REALLY Works!! Law of Attraction

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