So excited about this…

​Happy holidays, buttercup…
You have 24 hours to claim your inspirational goodies. 

Hey Gorgeous,

This is so exciting.
It’s the first year that I’m participating in Cyber Monday.
It feels great to reinforce our sacred abundance by making these offerings.
It’s a big thrill to put together generous empowerment offers for YOU – my beautiful tribe.
SO here are your juicy inspirational goodies, available for the next 24 hours.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to insure that ONE YEAR FROM NOW, you’re not in the same exact place.
Your 3 Sacred Offerings…
Here’s what we’ve got for the next 24 hours:
1) The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love – FREE – yes, FREE!! (Tell a friend!).
2) Create Your Own Spiritpreneur Signature Program – only $97 for FULL ACCESS to the 4-week self-study version with bonus modules.
(The 1-on-1 version is $997 — so this is a pretty amazing offer.)
3) African Goddess Affirmation Cards – ONLY $10!
These motivational affirmation cards retail for $19.
YAY! I’m so excited. 
Find more juicy information below.
Love and magic,
P.S. Find info on all Cyber Monday empowerment offerings below. Whoo hoo!
Your Cyber Monday Inspirational Gift #1
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Your Cyber Monday Inspirational Offering #2
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Your Cyber Monday Inspirational Special #3
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