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Yes. Hey, gorgeous. Abiola here, founder of the Spiritpreneur Visibility Lab, helping you to get seen and heard. The visibility lab is all about your mindset, your marketing and your money specifically and only for coaches, consultants and healers. All right, so I am going to be sharing with you, I just was having a juicy conversation with a new client who just signed up for my new program, the Spiritpreneur Visibility Lab and it was a great conversation. I was like, I need to share this with my tribe.

So this is six things that I wish I would have known before I started my business that will get you to six figures, much faster. Six things. And if you’ve already started your business, it is okay.

All right, so number one, don’t do open ended coaching. I started out like this too, where you do month to month coaching and the person pays every month and it’s open-ended. You don’t know how long they’re gonna work with you. They don’t know how long they’re gonna work with you. It’s the same with consulting. Everything I’m saying here applies for consulting. It doesn’t matter what you call it, you can’t get wet from the word water, whether you call it healing, coaching, consultant, counseling. You know what I’m talking about? Having an open ended kind of thing, it’s hard to sell and it’s also not great for you because you can’t plan your income.

The person is not committed. You attract less committed people. And what you want are clients who are like you. You want so many clients who are going to be committed, who are going to follow through, who are going to take inspired action. Okay? So that is really important. And actually you’ll end up being seven things. Cause that just led me to another point.

Number two, however you are in business is how the kinds of clients that you’re going to attract. If you are wishy washy noncommittal, don’t show up. Owe folks money. You’re going to attract clients like that. Now, no matter what some people do slip through the cracks who are like that no matter what. But the overwhelming part of your practice is going to reflect you. So make sure that you um, you know you’re settling your debts, that you are showing up on time for your meetings and that you are treating your business like a business.

Okay? All right, good. Number three, you don’t want to just have a business that is a service based business where I’m like, you know, like walk in and I could go with you. I could go with that guy. I could go with anybody. You want to have a solution based coaching business. And what that means is that there is something very specific that I can come to you for. So I, that’s what I want for you have a solution based business solve a problem and it’s gonna make it much faster and much simpler and easier for the people who are looking for you to find you.

Cause otherwise they don’t know. And you don’t want ever be replaceable in business where we could go to them. You know, this, that and the third, this, that, and the third person. Number four, stop low-balling yourself with what you charge. A lot of people think that they’ve got to work their way up to be able to charge, you know, what they’re worth or something like that. And most important, you’ve got to know your stuff and you’ve got to know that you can help to create transformation and that you can deliver. If I come and sign up to work with you, you can give me what I’m signing up to work with you for.

But you don’t have to wait until like, oh, you’ve got five years in the business or 10 years in the business to be able to charge a certain rate. Whatever your rate is. If I want to work with you, I’m going to pay it. And here’s the beautiful thing to remember. A lot of people think when you start a new coaching, consulting, healing business, you’re starting from scratch. So you may feel like, I just started this business. I’ve only been doing it for, you know, a year or so. I can’t charge whatever. But you’re bringing all of the experience that you have with you. You don’t throw away your experience. So if you’re working in corporate or in education or wherever, whatever you were doing before, you don’t throw that away. That’s a part of your experience. And so absolutely put your hand over your heart or over your womb and come up with prices that feel good so that when you are delivering on your promises to your soulmate clients, you feel good about it and they feel good about it.

I remember I said, you know that you attract who you are as a client. So if you are attracting, you know, if you are putting out prices that feel like you’re scrimping and scraping and you feel uncomfortable, um, and you feel like you can only work with them, but this Ma amount of time, you can’t really help them get a transformation going. That’s just going to be the nature of your business. You know what that all right. Okay. Number five, no need to use fancy language or fancy whatever. Just be yourself. Just be yourself.

You feel and you can then deliver. And so I don’t care if my ideal, you know, if my ideal, you know, coach or consultant or healer is wearing jeans or, or what, you know, um, if it’s in alignment and they’re able to help me to create a transformation, it doesn’t matter. So you don’t need fancy language or anything like that unless it is a part of the industry that you, um, that you are a part of. And number six. Last but not least, you have to be willing to be seen.

This is what we’ve been talking about, right? Are you willing to be seen? Raise your visibility. And this is what we’ve been talking about in terms of you building a platform that allows you to position yourself as a micro-celebrity and an important voice within your niche that allows you to be able to connect with your soulmate clients that allows us to be attracted to you rather than you having to chase money, chase clients, chase clout, whatever. That all comes from your positioning and your positioning comes from you being willing to be seen, be willing to be seen. All right. So if you want to know how to be seen and heard, definitely come check out my new free visibility breakthrough workshop brand.

So get ready!

Be seen, be heard, be a movement.


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Life Coaching Business Plan: What I Wish I Knew Before I Started

Life Coaching Business Plan: What I Wish I Knew Before I Started