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Level Up Now

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Abiola Abrams in Paris - Goddess Retreat Leader- Level Up Your Life! You Are Worthy Now [Video]

Bonjour Goddess~


Does anyone else celebrate their born-day for a month?

Or is it just my family?

Happy Leo Season, yall!

Yesterday was my birthday — or the first day of my birthday 🙂 — and I am feeling so blessed and excited about this new season of my life.

I am ALSO fresh from the Goddess of Paris Retreat and I AM in the PURE LOVE ZONE after being with these incredible women.

The retreat was powerful and transformational.

Greatness upon greatness upon level up greatness.

Every single goddess who attended had growth and breakthrough!

And yes, like goddesses who came to expand their miracle manifesting power with me in a castle in France, I HAVE BEEN MANIFESTING MIRACLES 24-7 since I returned.

I just wanted to share with you a couple of the fun almost insta-manifestations that happened on my bday, because if it is true for one, it is true for all.

And we are so quick to share bad news, I feel like being a lean, mean, greatness sharing machine!!

So I will share those over the upcoming weeks plus our incredible retreat photo albums — but for now — watch this video…

The Goddess of Paris Law of Attraction Retreat is about manifesting your miracles, magic and mojo. You have desires, right? It is time to manifest them.

P.S. Photos from the Goddess of Paris Miracles and Manifesting Retreat 2019.


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Level Up Your Life

Level Up Your Life