Isaiah Mustafa Apologizes for Nappy Hair Comments – EXCLUSIVE  (AUDIO INTERVIEW) 

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Hey Rockstars,

We all have a foot in mouth button. Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice commercial sex symbol and new “Charlie’s Angels” love interest hit his last night. I was watching E! News to prep for a story I was doing about Mustafa’s appearance. Mustafa was witty and fun to look at as always. His “Angels” character is a police officer and love interest for the gorgeous Annie Ilonzeh, who often sports a full gorgeous Afro.

All seemed well until host Giuliana Rancic asked Isaiah what he was looking for in a relationship. He mentioned that his ideal woman need not be famous but kind and athletic was a must. Then he dropped a bomb, saying that his ideal woman needed to have “good hair.” It got worse as he went on to say that his own hair was “too nappy.” I was in shock. Then Giuliana, who was wearing extensions in her own Italian hair and never met a weave she didn’t like, asked him did the good hair have to be real hair. Mustafa explained that it did indeed for the sake of his children. Say what?!

I couldn’t believe my eyes nor ears.

I took a deep breath and tweeted, “#OldSpiceGuy Isaiah Mustafa on E! News promoting #CharliesAngels said his girl had to have “good hair” because his is too #NAPPY! #ignorant.” My twitter buddies and I discussed the madness with @GelaTrish and I feeling like we hadn’t heard anyone say anything like that publicly since the 80s and @AngieWrites creating one of her famour #sexwordtruth tweets by request, “Mister Old Spice needs to reevaluate.”

My personal hair resume? Good hair is healthy hair. I sometimes rock my natural “nappy” fro at the beginning of a week, flat iron it straight for a different look at the end of the week and rock a clip in weave on the weekend — or any combo thereof — feeling beautiful and in love with myself in every single “look.”

I was ready to say forget you and the backwards horse on a beach you rode in on. Then I remembered that everything begins and ends with a conversation. We can’t have understanding if we don’t talk.

Isaiah called immediately to apologize and explain himself.

Isaiah Mustafa got in touch immediately to apologize and gave me an exclusive interview and full apology which will run soon on two major magazine sites. 

In the meanwhile please listen to the audio of the interview here (below) as I explained to him that black women have been under siege from Psychology Today to Nightline and the African beauty and self-esteem consequences of his comments. He was gracious, kind, honest and apologetic. 

For the record, Mustafa took full responsibly and was deeply sorry. 

I believed him to be genu
ine as we spoke about his daughter, mother and five sisters. He said that he was feeling down on himself about a “bad hair day” and trying to make amusing self-deprecating comments. He understands that with position comes power and will be more careful with his thoughts, words and deeds. 

Apologies for the sound discrepancies. Isaiah Mustafa’s voice is low in the beginning of the interview due to my recording. It’s a raw file but I wanted to get it to you ASAP. Breaking Bombshell news happens fast. Link:
Isaiah Mustafa, Apologizes for ‘Good Hair’ vs Nappy Hair Comments



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