How to get more followers? Well gorgeous, first of all, you are building a tribe NOT followers.

My first thought whenever someone asks me how to get more followers is that it’s not about the numbers OR followers. It’s about having the right people who are into you — and you’re into them. It’s about tribe building and engagement.

I am as into my tribe as they are into me. We are NOT followers…

Whoo hoo! 
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Now let’s get into 12 (TWELVE) of my 24 proven ways for you to attract more folks who are into your magic, miracles and mojo!

The Build Your Tribe Challenge! 12 Steps to Answer Your Calling & Rock Your Platform

Hello Sacred Bombshell,

As a self-worth coach, my calling is to help amazing women turn their self-love to self-launch; and to empower you to answer and rock your purpose and calling.

I empower you gorgeous goddesses with Soulcare to own your miracles, magic, and mojo and the powerful Skills, Systems and Strategy to turn your mission and message into a movement.

Whoo hoo!

Abiola Abrams, Self-Help Author


This question was posted to my Facebook page.

Dear Abiola,

I want to know how to up my blog followers?

And how to get over fear? I have some ventures that I want to do but I feel like my personality isn’t dynamic enough.

–N. D.

This is an excellent question, which at the heart is all about how to build and rock your sacred bombshell platform.

If you want to answer your calling and build a movement around your mission, you need a solid platform.

We are not only going to cover this in detail in the Become the Guru Bootcamp, but we are going to build the bricks step by step so that you have people excited to read your stuff, purchase your offerings, and join your movement. YEAH!

My first advice would be to join us in Become the Guru Bootcamp if you really want to make an impact, face your fears, and learn to write, speak, and build your tribe.

In THIS VIDEO you can find detailed tips on how to build your platform and then in THIS VIDEO you can find detailed advice about your BIG FEARS of not being good enough.

Building a platform, as outlined here, is just a tiny piece of how you build your Guru Brand.

Meanwhile, so that you can get started TODAY, here’s a powerful (and fun) 12-step platform building challenge.

Special note: Before you begin, have your Guru Tools of the trade. For every content creator this will be different. Some people may look at me and say, wow, you do so many things. Incorrect! The truth is that I do only one thing on different platforms.

My coaching, speaking, blogs, social media, web TV series, podcasts, and columns and books
all empower women to learn to love and accept themselves, and then take that self-love into self-launch; to answer your calling and build a business you love.

Okay, let’s get started.

Abiola Abrams

Here’s how to get more followers for your positive cause or bombshell business in 12 Splendiferous Steps:

1. “I am not for everyone.”

This should be your mantra. I am not for everyone and neither are you. My tribe totally vibes with my “femergetic” stories about the law of attraction, how to speak, write, and own your power, and my sacred meditation sessions.

Others probably think I’m a weirdo. Who cares? Weirdoes rock. I know, love, and accept myself and I am here for my tribe, that’s it.

Who are you? What makes you unique? What is your angle on how you see the world?

In business terms, what is your Unique Guru Proposition? (Video on how to create that!)

This is not middle school. Forget trying to appeal to everyone. No matter what you do, there will be folks who don’t like you. So what? You might as well shine as yourself.


2. Who are you speaking to?

Be niche and own it. Are you a travel blogger, food blogger, music blogger, crafts blogger or social issues blogger? If you are a social issues blogger, which issues? Politics, culture, body image? Are you speaking to men in their 20s, women in their 30s?

Get as specific as you can. Food blogger, fashion journalist, and lifestyle expert are all generic terms. If you are a food blogger, is your blog about Cajan cuisine, vegan treats, Guyanese desserts? The more specific you can be the better.

Then, where does online your tribe already hang out? If you aren’t clear about who you’re speaking to, no one will find you.

Create an “avatar” of your ideal targeted tribe member. Who is she? What does she read? What kind of TV and music is she into? How old is she? What’s her level of education? Does she have kids?

Give your tribe a name. I speak to my Sacred Bombshells and my Spiritpreneurs. Oprah has her Super Soulers, Lady Gaga has her Little Monsters, and Beyonce has the Beyhive.

Who is your tribe?​

[YouTube Link]


3. Flex your naming rights.

Give your blog a unique name. You may have a gorgeous name, but unless you’re already famous, it doesn’t speak to anyone.

When I started I named my web series “Planet Abiola” and AbiolaTV. Bleh. I regret that. I love my name, but most people don’t have any attachment to whatever an “abiola” might be.

My sites are now named “Sacred Bombshell Lifestyle” and “Sacred Business Academy. My new video and audio podcast is named “Spiritpreneur School.” These names are detailed, unique, speak better to my tribe.

I knew when I named my book “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love” and my blog “Sacred Bombshell” that some people would love it and others would hate it.

Some people may feel all into being a spiritpreneur – and to others it may sound creepy. That’s fine because they aren’t my tribe and wouldn’t be into what I have to say anyway.

Think of names of A-List blogs like “Afrobella” and “Cupcakes and Cashmere.” These are both super descriptive names. As potential readers, we can formulate our own ideas based on their names alone.


4. Design your blog and social media sites like you design your home.

Have a clean, professional, on-brand look. What are your fonts? What is your color scheme? Is your blog edgy, bohemian, classic, homey?

If you can’t afford a designer, use a pre-designed blog theme or template. Find one that speaks to you and your tribe.

Use a photo with each post. This is non-negotiable. Recent studies show that photos create more engagement. Don’t ever steal pics. Buy stock footage images or use free public domain images from sites like Wikimedia.


5. You are building a tribe not followers.

My first thought whenever someone asks me how to get more followers is that it’s not about the numbers. It’s about having the right people who are into you. It’s about tribe building and engagement.

For example, I give advice on lots of talk shows. The people who follow me online from those shows are not necessarily my ideal tribe member. They might be into the fact that I am on TV, but they wouldn’t necessarily be into my inspirational, motivational, and transformational change-your-life content. Got it? 🙂

Funky Girl Listening to Music with Read Headphones


6. Pick your Guru Star Medium.

Our original advice letter writer worries that she doesn’t have an engaging personality. Everyone has some kind of charisma.

Your DNA may just be suited to a different medium that your best friend’s DNA. If your personality falls flat in videos, try audio. If audio is not your thing, then maybe writing or photography is how you can shine online.

What if you made really funny, thoughtful, or provocative videos with you behind the camera with a voiceover? What if your content wasn’t about you but about your observations?

Maybe you turn your lack of charisma on its head and exploit your awkwardness. Issa Rae does this with Awkward Black Girl and she’s a mogul.

Maybe you can create an alter ego who says all of the things you are too shy to say. Love “them” or hate “them,” Tyler
Perry and his Madea (yikes!) alter ego both are world-changers.


7. Who are your Guru Sisters?

You can’t work it as a lone wolf. Don’t you see every celeb doing collabos? That’s why in the Become the Guru Bootcamp, I will have my Future Gurus interacting.

Share other people’s content. Get to know other content creators. Create a network. Host a weekly chat. Start a meme or hashtag movement.

Don’t be a take, take taker – as in – read my stuff, retweet me. Me, me, me! Who cares about you? Who cares about me?

We are all self-interested.

Instead, ask if you can write something for other people’s sites, explaining what you like about their work and what you can offer their audience. Guest blog often and when you do, give people a reason to visit you back at your blog. Offer them a free gift or link to a related post. Then go back to your home blog and respond or follow up.

Abiola Abrams

8. Tell your story. Then tell it again.

Share your stories and your lessons from it. You get over fear with each act outside
your comfort zone. Volunteer to speak live if this terrifies you and share your journey with your tribe. We innately are attracted to stories and journeys. It’s in our DNA. If you’re on a journey to gain or lose weight, grow your hair, change your diet, or deepen your connection, share it.

Let people get to know you. Let them into your life. Let them see for photos and hear about your foibles. Do you have pets? Allergies? Children?

Whatever your life is, be real about it and others can relate. If you have an unpopular POV, own it. Whether you’re into angels or agnosticism, find the site with your tribe and begin to share yourself. Start in the comments.

Utilize your social media bios to tell your story as well. Being professional doesn’t mean that you can’t be safely personal. Instead of “I am a writer who has written for XYZ” tell us what kind of writer you are. Maybe, “I am a writer and nakedly honest storyteller who… “And drop us something personal we can relate to. Mine has my credits and then says kale and kettle bells pusher.

Then, be multiplatform. Repurpose your own content. Maybe turn your blog posts into a book or your podcast rants into a crazy comedy “mixtape.” Martha Stewart has her physical books and magazines, her TV and radio appearances, her web videos and podcasts, and then she’ll sell you the products she taught you to make.


9. Treat every platform differently.

Pick 2 or 3 main platforms and get to know them.

Use “If This Then That” to automate but don’t treat all social media platforms the same. Tumblr is not Twitter. Twitter is not Instagram. Instagram is not Pinterest. Pinterest is not Facebook and Facebook is not your blog.

Figure out what works best for you, your tribe, and your industry.


10. Do something totally different.

Be unique. Maybe your Instagram is all black and white like lovely model turned blogger Erickka Sy Savane. And then of course you want to optimize your posts for search engines and findability. Use tags if you expect people to find you.

Use hashtags – those specific to you, and those that allow you to join the conversation. This is so that people who are looking for your topic can find it! If there is a description area, like on YouTube or Soundcloud, make sure that it’s filled

Birthday dancing!

11. Have a consistent programming schedule.

Thursday night everyone I know watches “Scandal.” Give people something to look forward to. A new post daily? Every Wednesday? Podcast Mondays?

Have an editorial content calendar. Are there holiday or seasonal tie-ins for your topics?

Can your content align with popular memes like #ThrowbackThursday and #WomanCrushWednesday? Maybe if you’re a social issues blogger you have #FlashbackFriday where you share a historical moment.

If you are feeling stuck or stymied, find the trending headline in your niche at the moment and write a reaction to it. What’s your take on the story? You can also write an update post about something you blogged about before and changed your mind on.


12. Make it a conversation, not a dialogue.

Ask your audience what they think. Ask questions. Answer their comments. Give a call to action.

Now you have the foundations for a powerful Guru Platform. I can’t wait to see what you do with

xoxo, Abiola

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