Our Sacred Bombshell sister Kara Stevens has a new action plan for us to get in gear for 2015. I am so thrilled about this that I just had to share. As you know, I only become an affiliate of programs that I believe in 100%. There’s no better time than now to get right with your finances and walk into your abundance.

Fun fact: Kara is a featured “teacher” in “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love.”


Hey Sacred Bombshell,

Whoo hoo! I have a special opportunity for you. I know that attracting abundance and prosperity into your life has been a key focus and intention for 2015.

You want to attract abundance and prosperity into your life because you are:

  • Tired of playing small
  • Tired of playing second fiddle in your own big, fat juicy story
  • Tired of making poor choices with your money that leave you feeling depressed, saddened and wanting.
  • Out of financial alignment—what you do with your money and what you want to do with it are out of sync.

I understand and as the midwife that helps you birth your dreams of joy, abundance, and prosperity, I want to offer you a solution to this problem.

One of my fellow Sacred Bombshells and favorite Personal Finance & Juicy Living expert Kara Stevens, founder of The Frugal Feminista is hosting an extra special webinar called “How to Build Your $1K Emergency Fund in Just 3 Months Without Missing The Money or Thinking.”

This webinar was created to both inspire and inform you about the structures and systems that will ensure that you consistently and systematically attract wealth into your life — and more importantly…keep it there.

In this webinar you will learn how to get your financial fire started.

Click here to get the financial fire started.

You will learn simple yet effective tips to ensure that you save at least 20% of your income through the good times and bad times.

You will learn why your brokenness is not (completely) your fault, especially if you are being generous and caring to everyone in your life, except yourself!

Kara will also reveal her ROAR system of financial self-care for the first time. (Every sister needs to ROAR when it comes to protecting her coins!)

You learn how your relationship with money is working hard to keep you living in scarcity and what you can do to change your money mindset NOW.

Click here to make that change.

If that wasn’t enough, Kara is offering The Sacred Bombshell community front row seats to this webinar at a 30% discount until Monday, January 25th 11:59pm EST. You also receive over $100 worth of bonuses.

Go here now so you can change your financial future for the good at a 30% discount and receive $100 worth of bonuses when you register before 11:59PM EST Monday, January 25th. 
Click here if you want your juicy life back.



P.S. Sacred Bombshell, if you were looking for a sign, then consider this it! There’s no better time than now to get right with your finances and walk into your abundance.


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