Hey Lovey Dovey,
I hope that you’re enjoying summer! I’ve been traveling with the Divas of Literature and planning the revamp & relaunch of the site but I wanted to share something with you. Just peruse now, and we’ll talk about it soon, ok?

Check out my youngest fan – she’s in Detroit and came to the book signing with her own Goddess Abiola TIARA!

A Gift from Abiola
The Fourth Scroll | Riches

Today I claim my fortune. Prosperity and abundance are my inheritance. I am wealthy beyond measure. Previously, I have been a prisoner of limiting beliefs and lies of lack. Today I am freed from those falsehoods. I know that I have more than I ever thought possible. I only need claim my fortune and so it will be done.

The universal spirit is always generous and loving with me. In return I am generous and loving even when I fear I might not be able to be. Before today, I accepted the illusion of lack to fit in with those around me. Today I claim the truth of my wealth so that they may see what is possible for them.

Every day is a thanksgiving and I am drunk with blessings because I am worthy. Prosperity and abundance are my inheritance. I attract all good things I desire and even bigger blessings, for the good of all involved into my joyous life.