How do you know if they are “the one?” Video below.
Passionista Principle: You know it’s love when you wanna keep holding hands even after you’re sweaty!

Hey Rockstars,
As you know, I am one of the relationship advice experts for Tina Tobin’s Luv Em Or Leave Em vlogger advice team. Every other week she sends out a new love, sex or dating dilemma.
Here’s this week’s relationship advice question.

You have been dating somebody for a while. You make each other laugh and think. You look forward to seeing them and it feels good, really good, but how do you know if this person is “the one?”

Very simple. When your heart, your mind and your loins all agree that this is “the one!” If can’t be just one of those elements or… Well, just watch the video!

**Oh, and side note, you’ll be glad to know that I believe firmly in my heart of hearts that there is not just “one.” We have several soul mates over the course of our lives.

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