“As an untried and young woman, building an unconventional service business without any real estate, operating out of rented Church and Temple halls—and even then a mere few days a week—I hardly imagined this business suitable for inclusion in the prestigious Silicon Valley Sand Hill Road venture community…yet, there we were, sitting in their Board Room.” – Joan Barnes

My Business Bombshells!

What can we learn from Joan Barnes, a fellow Spiritpreneur, yogi, and founder of a publicly traded company?


Joan Barnes holds audiences with rapt honesty, vitality and humility. Drawing on her personal journey of building two successful companies—Gymboree and The Yoga Studio—she regales with an empowerment perspective that touches deeply.

I am SO THRILLED about this conversation. I am launching Sacred Business Academy and my new weekly Spiritpreneur School podcast as a sister business to Sacred Bombshell Academy.

That’s right. We are taking our self-love to self-launch as I help you to answer your calling and give birth to your purpose.

Check it out.

xoxo, Abiola

P.S. Check out the powerful conversation with Joan below. You can learn more about her at JoanBarnesSpeaks.com.


Watch Joan Barnes’ Life and Business Lessons…

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Joan Barnes, Yogini and Expert Entrepreneur

From her site:

The early ’70s found dancer Joan Barnes en route from New York to San Francisco in a Volkswagen camper with her then-husband and baby on the way.  A young mom was far from the norm in a free-spirited San Francisco ensconced in the Summer of Love.  Joan needed to connect with like-minded women.  Enter Gymboree.

Joan launched Gymboree at a Jewish community center to allow moms and dads to assemble while their toddlers played. The business ultimately went public and grew to a national brand that today boasts play centers in 32 countries and nearly 700 retail stores and 3 additional other brands.

Joan’s professional success, however, came at great personal cost.  For 15 years, she exhibited a dogged determination not to fail that she now says bordered on insanity.  Faced with a failing marriage and a serious eating disorder, in 1990 she left a sustainable business and retreated to a long-term treatment center, spending the next few years on a healing journey.  She resisted returning to Marin County, the land of (seemingly) picture-perfect families and entrepreneurial zeal, until she felt strong enough. When she felt the call to return, she found yoga.



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Spiritpreneur Lessons from Yogini and Gymboree founder Joan Barnes


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