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Let’s have FUN with this!!

1) Each day you must find and share ONE KEY IMAGE and ONE KEY MANTRA that represents what you are calling in related to the journal prompt.

For example, if the journal prompt is LOVE, your image may be a spouse, honeymoon, baby, pet, a family picnic or whatever is in alignment for you.

Your mantra may be: “It feels wonderful to be loved like this” or “It is safe to give and receive love.”

2) You are welcome to gather (virtually or physically) as many images as you wish, but you must have at least one.

3) You may also choose to make a virtual board using a tools like PINTEREST or INSTAGRAM FOLDERS.

Or you can use an old school physical board, with glue and paper.

Whatever speaks to your Spirit is what works best!

4) Tag me @abiolaTV.

Use #VisionBoardChallenge

Please note — Stories are harder for me to catch because they go by fast.