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Instagram Photo: Goddess of War Card via Ari Quires Instagram.

Goddess of War Affirmation Card

Goddess of War Card

Wake Up Your Inner Goddess! Affirmation Card and Inspirational Quote

Goddess of War - African Goddess Affirmation Card

War & Sun Deity
Sekhmet, Egyptian Goddess 

“I stand up for my beliefs in the face of opposition.”

Abiola’s Goddess Lesson: Do you really believe that you have the power to create change? How can you ensure that you live a more enchanting and captivating life?

Find examples in your past when you’ve done so.

Tap into this energy with the fierceness of Sekhmet, Egyptian goddess of war.



“Every word is an affirmation or prayer. With every word you speak you are casting a spell over your life.

What is that spell saying? Is it saying that you are beautiful, funny, talented, creative and loveable? Is it saying that you are stupid, a loser, an idiot, poor and not enough?

We fear rejection but we reject ourselves more than anyone. We fear criticism but we say things to ourselves that we wouldn’t dare say to our worst enemies.”
-Excerpt from The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love, (c) 2014