iNkosazane yamanzi is believed to reside in big rivers or waterfalls, these rivers and waterfalls are believed to be sacred you can approach her if you have a request you want to make usually with the help of a traditional healer or a spiritual healer, you can go alone as well as long as you know what to do. When approaching her you need to bring an offering in the form of silver coins when you reach the river you throw the coins into the water and you call her to hear you, then you go into the water you pray, or state you request believing that she heard your request when going home you can take some of the river water with the container to add in your bath water after that you will start noticing change regarding the request you made to iNkosazana yamanzi, that is my experience.

Woow so surprised you know about iNkosazana, Nomkhosi Qwabe from South Africa, KwaZulu Natal, Durban


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