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Keep reading to learn how to make magic this full moon…

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Hey Goddess!

It is full moon time.

If you celebrate the new moon, you get a new reset each month.

And if you tune into the energy of the full moon, you get a chance to release things with the earth every month.

As one of my favorite teachers used to say, the moon affects the ocean and we are mostly water, so it is ridic to think it doesn’t affect us as well.

One of my favorite new moon rituals is the new moon check. We will check back in about that in a couple of weeks. It is powerful.


Here are 4 Full Moon Rituals to Align You with Your Abundance:

  1. Bathe your Crystals in the Moonlight. 

Everyone has different crystal clearing, cleaning and charging rituals that work for them. One of the most simple is to charge them energetically with the full moonlight or the sun the day of the full moon.

People who are astrological experts will tell you that there are some moons that may be too powerful for charging your crystals. But generally, you can’t go wrong.

You can clear your crystals in your favorite salt, especially if they are new before charging them — regular NaCL table salt, Himalayan sea salt, Epsom salt, pink sea salt, ocean water — go for your salt of choice.


2. Release the Unwanted. 

We all have things we want to release. How beautiful to mirror the energy of Mother Nature and ebb and flow. This is the natural cycle of abundance.

Take journal paper that you can release.

Journal with words or art in great detail about what you need to release to allow your abundance to show. Take as long as you want with this. Be very specific and honest with yourself.

What are your stories of lack and scarcity?

Then you can roll and tie it up like a scroll or scrunch it up.

Now it’s time to get rid of it and free yourself in a way that it environmentally loving and responsible.

If it is biodegradable you may release it into the ocean. If not you may burn it in a fire safe way only. You can spit on it or stomp it.

Banish this issue.

Add lots of emotion and voice.

Let that SH*T GO!!!

And close the energy bridge with a gratitude rant for all of the abundance you are grateful for right now.


3. Illuminate & Read Your Blessings.

Illuminate an issue that has been challenging you.

What did you journal about that you wanted to release?

Let’s get some LIGHT and guidance on the issue. 

Get your favorite deck of affirmation cards — you can use my Womanifesting Goddess Affirmation Cards or another deck.

Pick a card and get the right guidance that you need to move forward.

If you are inspired by the Bible, Koran, Torah, iChing or similar religious book, open at “random” to a page to illuminate an issue.


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When the full moon goes in a couple of days, it’s gone!!