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Ancestral Principles: morality, structure, routine

Element: Air

Declaration: I am a leader not a follower.

Sacred Inheritance: It’s time to be real with yourself – and others. Are you being cold and robotic? Being real does not mean being stern. Trust in the powers of logic. This ancestor represents someone who gives advice for a living, like a lawyer or accountant.  In this instance, it would be helpful to trust your head over your heart.

There are times in life we must remove ourselves from a situation to see it clearly.  It is also safe to get professional help from experts to make key decisions. You have to decide. There is a decision to be made. Confront the issue head on.

Ancestral Memory:  The Father of Air comes forward as a Hopi katsinam of the Arizona region. Katsinam are spirits who led a good life and appear in sacred ceremonies to maintain balance.

Lineage Healing: Where are you being too rigid and uptight? Your energy may be coming across as cold and calculating, even though that is not who you are at all.

Shadow Aspect (Reversed): Open your beautiful heart. Your power may not be loud, flashy and showy, but you are a power-FULL leader. Just don’t abuse that power. Your biting wit and sarcasm may be hurtful to others at times. Do a self check-in and make sure that you are not being cold, selfish or manipulative. Remain in your integrity.

Tarot Correspondence: King of Swords

Ritual: Do 30 days of morning pages freewriting as a mindfulness exercise.

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