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Ancestral Principles: assertive, out of control, decisive

Element: Air

Declaration: I am willing to take my time.

Sacred Inheritance: Life is about to start moving very quickly. Slowww down. Your passion and confidence are clear. You are running toward what you want in pursuit of your desires. The speed is evident. But where is the heart? If someone is coming at you, remember you don’t have to attend every fight you are invited to.

Speak your mind, loud and clear. Your reckless communication style is not working. Air ancestors are the most analytical. If you are asking a yes or no question, this ancestor leaps forward with a slither to say, “no.” There is a difference between being assertive and arrogant or out of control.

Ancestral Memory: The creatures or animal spirit ancestors are all highly driven. This reptilian animal spirit, the python, moves through the air quickly. There are also flying snakes. The snake got a bad rap in the Garden of Eden. Snakes represent freedom in Hindu philosophy and spiritual gifts in West and Southern African theologies. This ancestor shows up as Haitian Sky Father and loa Damballah Wedo.

Lineage Healing: Your ancestors were not always great communicators. You must heal this going forward. Respect your truth and the truths of those around you as well.

Shadow Aspect (Reversed): Are you the one who is emotionally unavailable or is it someone else? What some consider to be assertive may be read by others as rude. The energy is chaotic and controlling. You are coming across as impatient, impulsive, and reckless. Hasty decision-making is not your friend.

Tarot Correspondence: Knight of Swords

Ritual: Rewrite a recent conversation that went left in your journal. Then try it again in real life.

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