Last night was session 1 of my Bombshell Breakthrough Year workshop structured to help you have your best year ever. This is a workshop that I created to be free exclusively for my one-on-one coaching clients. This year, I decided to make it available to my tribe for free — and I am so happy that I decided to do that. This workshop is transformative for all areas of your life, but our focus is your professional life.


Press Play to Create a Vision…

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Hello Sacred Bombshell,

The workshop continues tomorrow night — and we are off to a strong start. It was such a fully aligned session last night. What a great group! My tribe is self-worth on fleek. If you were a part of the group, you know what I mean. Your comments and questions were incredibly thought-provoking and insightful. It was wonderful to interact with you. I believe in every single vision shared and declared.

Tomorrow evening let’s take it even deeper. We will be working on belief systems. If you want to truly have a breakthrough and create a vision, you have to begin with your belief system. This is the only way to have lasting change.

[Limited time replay link for part one of two.]

I see all of your powerful comments and declarations on the Facebook page and the forum. YES! I also realized after the first class that I didn’t do the questions from the question box. I’m considering adding a free Q&A session if I don’t get to everyone in tomorrow’s one-hour session.

[Click here to download the homework PDF and class notes from session one.]

ALSO, I am going to create a private Hear Me Roar Sacred Business Academy Google Plus Group (similar to a facebook group) so that you all can network easier with each other. I will give you the link tomorrow.

NOW, here is your link to the class replay, the notes, and the info for tomorrow’s session, Thursday 2/26, 7pm EST. (This only works if you do the work.)

Note: This will be posted here for a limited time. If you want to join us — it’s not too late. Grab your homework, listen to the limited replay of part one and let’s go!

xoxo, Abiola

P.S. I look forward to supporting you as you create a vision. Here are the notes and homework from part one (link).

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